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StressMarq Distributed by Biomol


Biomol anounces that StressMarq products are distributed by Biomol now.
The StressMarq product line focusing on stress reponse, heat shock and ion channels. Click here for downloading the zipped StressMarq Catalog 2009 pdf (4 MB).

Februrary 2010: Biomol has lowered prices of all StressMarq antibodies and proteins permanently by ~ 10%!

StressMarq produces:for the research areas:

Product Information and Flyers for Download

Catalog Numbers Flyer (pdf)
SMC-100, SMC-103, SMC-104

Hsp70 (clone C92) and Hsp 70/Hsc70 (clone N27) Antibodies Flyer


Grp94 Antibody Flyer


Hsp70/Hsc70 (BB70) Antibody Flyer

SMC-100, SMC-103, SMC-104, SMC-106,
SMC-107, SMC-108, SMC-109, SMC-112,
SMC-135, SMC-136, SMC-137, SMC-154, SMC-155
SIH-111, SIH-112, SIH-113, SIH-116, SKT-120
SPC-103, SPC-104, SPC-115, SPC-116, SPC-117, SPC-177,
SPR-101, SPC-103, SPR-108, SPR-115

Hsp90 and Hsp70 Focus Flyer

SMC-109, SMC-112, SMC-135

Hsp90 Antibodies Flyer

SMC-107, SMC-108, SMC-136, SMC-137

Alpha and Beta Specific Hsp90 Antibodies Flyer

SMC-110, SMC-111

Hsp60 Antibodies Flyer

SMC-122, SMC-123

PSD95 Flyer

SMC-124, SMC-125

CamKII Flyer

SMC-153, SPC-155, SPC-156, SPC-157,
SPC-158, SPC-159, SPC-160

Acetylated and Methylated Lysine Antibodies Flyer

SMC-138, SMC-139

FKBP51 and FKBP52 Antibodies Flyer

SMC-140, SMC-141

LAMP1 and LAMP2 Antibodies Flyer

SMC-154, SMC-155

Nitrotyrosine and DNA Damage Antibodies Flyer

SPC-100, SMC-145, SMC-150, SMC-166

Hsp40 Polyclonal Antibody Flyer

SPR-103, SPR-106, SPR-115

Hsp70/Hsc70 Protein Flyer

SPC-113, SPC-164

BIM/BOD (IN) and BIM/BOD (IN2) Antibodies Flyer

SPC-145, SPC-146, SPC-147, SPC-148

Cell Signaling Antibodies Flyer

SPC-149, SPC-150, SPC-151

Phosphoserine Antibodies and Conjugates Flyer

SMC-158, SPC-152, SPC-153, SPC-154

Phosphothreonine Antibodies Flyer

SMC-157, SPC-161, SPC-162, SPC-163

Phosphotyrosine Antibodies Flyer

SPC-165, SPC-166

PUMA (CT) and PUMA (NT) Antibodies Flyer

SPR-104, SPR-105, SPR-107

Hsp60 Grp78 and Hsp27 Protein Flyer

SPC-115, SPC-116, SPC-117, SPC-118

Mn SOD and Cu/Zn SOD Antibodies Flyer


SKT-120 8-OH-dG EIA kit

SKT-210, SKT-211, SKT-220, SKT-221,
SKT-222, SKT-223, SKT-240, SKT-241,
SKT-242, SKT-243, SKT-244, SKT-245,
SKT-270, SKT-271, SKT-290, SKT-291

Combo IHC Kit Flyer

SKT-600, SKT-601, SKT-602, SKT-603

General IHC Kit Flyer

NanoTools AntibodiesPhosphospecific and Modification State Specific AntibodiesPhosphospecific and Chemical State Specific Antibodies

Kinases and Phosphatases: Enzymes, Substrates, InhibitorsComparison of Anti-Phosphotyrosine AntibodiesnanoTools Phosphospecific Antibodies

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