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Cayman Chemical

Cayman Chemical Company, headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is helping make research possible by supplying scientists with biochemical tools in research disciplines such as cancer, nitric oxide, neuroscience, apoptosis, oxidative injury, endocrinology, and much more. Cayman specializes in assay kits for the measurement of eicosanoids, free radical biomarkers, cyclic nucleotides, cytokines, hormones, and nitric oxide. In addition, Cayman offers a broad range of quality biochemicals including eicosanoids, nitric oxide reagents, and a variety of related lipids, fatty acids, enzymes, and antibodies.


Products from Cayman Chemical

New products from Cayman Chemical

Cay16665-5050 mg
75 €
Cay16665-100100 mg
136 €
Cay16665-250250 mg
245 €
Cay16665-500500 mg
377 €
BIBR 1532
Cay16608-11 mg
29 €
Cay16608-55 mg
73 €
Cay16608-1010 mg
114 €
Cay16608-5050 mg
493 €
Flupirtine (maleate)
Cay16674-2525 mg
34 €
Cay16674-5050 mg
64 €
Cay16674-100100 mg
121 €
BMS 345541 (trifluoroacetate salt)
Cay16667-11 mg
39 €
Cay16667-55 mg
158 €
Cay16667-1010 mg
296 €
Cay16667-2525 mg
543 €
5-Fluoroanthranilic Acid
Cay16669-11 g
51 €
Cay16669-55 g
217 €
Cay16669-1010 g
408 €
Sulindac sulfone
Cay16805-11 mg
29 €
Cay16805-55 mg
65 €
Cay16805-1010 mg
110 €
Cay16805-2525 mg
210 €
Taurocholic Acid (sodium salt)
Cay16215-11 g
29 €
Cay16215-55 g
109 €
Cay16215-1010 g
189 €
Cay16215-2525 g
399 €
Sitagliptin Positive Control Inhibitor
Cay700214-500500 nmol
34 €
Sulindac sulfide
Cay10004387-11 mg
29 €
Cay10004387-55 mg
46 €
Cay10004387-1010 mg
81 €
Cay10004387-2525 mg
174 €
Eeyarestatin 1
Cay10012609-55 mg
51 €
Cay10012609-1010 mg
97 €
Cay10012609-2525 mg
191 €

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Cayman Chemical Info

Inulin Fluorometric Assay Kit

Inulin is an oligofructofuranoside.


D-Lactate & L-Lactate Assay Kits

Monitoring lactate levels is a good indicator of the balance between tissue oxygen demand and utilization.


Cell-Based Assays

Cayman Chemical offer a wide range of cell-based assays for studying proliferation, apoptosis, necrosis, phagocytosis, autophagy, steatosis, adipogenesis, angiogenesis and many more.


Cayman Product Overview

Biomol distributes Cayman Chemical Products in Germany:


Research Focus: Neuroscience

Cayman offers a select group of research tools (inhibitors and substrates, receptor agonists and antagonists, antibodies, sensitive immunoassays, and efficient inhibitor screening assays) pertinent to neuroscience research.


Cayman Chemical Assay Kits

Find here an overview on Cayman Chemicals assay kits.


Enzymes and Proteins

Cayman Chemicals enzymes and proteins for research are available here at Biomol:


Research Focus: Allergy and Asthma

Find here research products for research on allergy and asthma.


Research Focus: Atherosclerosis

Find here research products for research on atherosclerosis.


Research Focus: Cancer

Find here Cayman Chemicals research products for cancer research.

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