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Ubiquitin and UBL Antibodies


Rockland Immunochemicals produces a fine selection of antibodies to proteins involved in ubiquitination or ubiquitin-like pathways.
Ubiquitin-Proteasome Pathway: Polyubiquitination of substrates targets them for degradation by the 26S proteasome. Ubiquitin is an evolutionarily highly conserved 76 amino acid polypeptide that is abundant in all eukaryotic cells. The consecutive addition of ubiquitin moieties to a substrate generates a polyubiquitin chain. The nomenclature of E1, E2, and E3 came from the identification of ubiquitin enzymes in eluates from ubiquitin affinity columns.
Catalog# Product Size/Unit
600-401-482 Anti-Human HAUSP (Rabbit) 100 µg
600-401-877 Anti-Apc1 pS377 (Rabbit) 100 µg
600-401-889 Anti-cbl-c (Rabbit) 100 µg
600-401-868 Anti-CDC27 (Rabbit) 100 µg
100-401-963 Anti-F-box only protein 4 (FBX4) (Rabbit) 100 µl
600-401-918 Anti-F-Box Only Protein 9 (Rabbit) 100 µg
600-401-485 Anti-F-Box protein 43 (Fbp5B) Antibody 100 µg
600-401-490 Anti-F-Box protein Fbp5A Antibody 100 µg
600-401-853 Anti-GGA-1 (Rabbit) 100 µg
600-401-351 Anti-Human APC10 (Rabbit) 100 µg
100-401-A15 Anti-Human APC11(C-terminal specific) (Rabbit) 100 µl
100-401-A16 Anti-Human APC2 (C-terminal specific) (Rabbit) 100 µl
600-401-876 Anti-Human Apc6 pT580 (Rabbit) 100 µg
600-401-487 Anti-Human Apg7 (Rabbit) 100 µg
100-401-A11 Anti-Human CAND1 (N-terminal specific) (Rabbit) 100 µl
100-401-A12 Anti-Human CAND2 (C-terminal specific) (Rabbit) 100 µl
100-401-A17 Anti-Human CDC20 (fizzy) (C-terminal specific) (Rabbit) 100 µl
000-001-352 Anti-Human CDC27 (Rabbit) CONTROL PEPTIDE for Catalog #600-401-352 50 µg
100-401-A01 Anti-Human Cul1 (C-terminal specific) (Rabbit) 100 µl
100-401-A02 Anti-Human Cul2 (C-terminal specific) (Rabbit) 100 µl
100-401-A03 Anti-Human Cul3 (N-terminal specific) (Rabbit) 100 µl
100-401-A04 Anti-Human Cul4A (N-terminal specific) (Rabbit) 100 µl
100-401-A05 Anti-Human Cul5 (N-terminal specific) (Rabbit) 100 µl
100-401-A06 Anti-Human Cul7 (C-terminal specific) (Rabbit) 100 µl
600-401-484 Anti-Human CULLIN7 (Rabbit) 100 µg
600-101-291 Anti-Human HHR23A (RAD23A) (Goat) 100 µg
600-101-391 Anti-Human HHR23B (RAD23B) (Goat) 100 µg
000-001-391 Anti-Human HHR23B (RAD23B) (Goat) CONTROL PEPTIDE for Catalog #600-101-391 50 µg
200-401-438 Anti-Human ISG15 (Rabbit) 500 µg
100-401-A09 Anti-Human p127-DDB1 (internal) (Rabbit) 100 µl
100-401-A10 Anti-Human p48-DDB2 (C-terminal specific) (Rabbit) 100 µl
100-401-A07 Anti-Human PARC (C-terminal specific) (Rabbit) 100 µl
600-401-478 Anti-Human PC2 (Rabbit) 100 µg
100-401-A13 Anti-Human ROC1 (C-terminal specific) (Rabbit) 100 µl
100-401-A14 Anti-Human ROC2 (C-terminal specific) (Rabbit) 100 µl
100-401-A08 Anti-Human SKP1 (C-terminal specific) (Rabbit) 100 µl
200-401-441 Anti-Human SUMO (Rabbit) 500 µg
200-401-491 Anti-Human SUMO-3 (Rabbit) 500 µg
600-401-865 Anti-Human UBC12 (Rabbit) 100 µg
600-401-476 Anti-Human UBP43 (Rabbit) 100 µg
600-401-483 Anti-Human ßTrCP2 [Rabbit] 100 ug
600-401-B05 Anti-Nedd4 [Rabbit] 100 ug
600-401-B05S Anti-Nedd4 [Rabbit] 25 µl
600-401-899 Anti-NOXO1 (Rabbit) 100 µg
200-401-427 Anti-Rub1 (Yeast) (Rabbit) 500 µg
600-401-870 Anti-Sts-1 (Rabbit) 100 µg
200-401-428 Anti-SUMO (Yeast) (Rabbit) 500 µg
200-401-913 Anti-SUMO Activating Enzyme E1 (Rabbit) 500 µg
600-401-B24 Anti-SUMO Activating Enzyme E1 (SAE1) pS185 [Rabbit] 100 ug
600-401-B24S Anti-SUMO Activating Enzyme E1 (SAE1) pS185 [Rabbit] TRIAL SIZE 25 µl
200-401-431 Anti-UBIQUITIN (Rabbit) 500 µg
200-401-888 Anti-Ubiquitin Activating Enzyme E1 (Rabbit) 500 µg
600-401-991 Anti-Ubiquitin-Conjugating Enzyme E2 J1 (Ube2j1) (Rabbit) 100 µg
600-401-991S Anti-Ubiquitin-Conjugating Enzyme E2 J1 (Ube2j1) [Rabbit] TRIAL SIZE 25 µl
600-401-B43 Anti-Ubiquitin-Conjugating Enzyme E2 J2 (Ube2j2) [Rabbit] 100 µg
600-401-B43S Anti-Ubiquitin-Conjugating Enzyme E2 J2 (Ube2j2) [Rabbit] TRIAL SIZE 25 µl
200-401-437 Anti-Yeast APG12 (Rabbit) 500 µg
200-401-439 Anti-Yeast APG8 (Rabbit) 500 µg
200-401-442 Anti-Yeast Hub1 (Rabbit) 500 µg
200-301-428 Anti-Yeast SUMO (Protein A Purified) Mouse Monoclonal 100 µg
200-401-492 Anti-Yeast ULP1 (Rabbit) 500 µg
200-401-443 Anti-Yeast Urm1 (Rabbit) 500 µg
000-001-482 CONTROL PEPTIDE for Catalog #600-401-482 Affinity Purified Anti-Human HAUSP [Rabbit] 50 µg
000-001-485 CONTROL PEPTIDE for Catalog #600-401-485 Affinity Purified Anti-Human Fbp5B [Rabbit] 50 µg
000-001-487 CONTROL PEPTIDE for Catalog #600-401-487 Affinity Purified Anti-Human Apg7 [Rabbit] 50 µg
600-401-475 SFRP1 Antibody 100 µg

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