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Western Blot: Blocking Buffers, Molecular Weight Markers and Positive Control Lysates


Rockland produces accessory reagents for protein electrophoresis and western blotting of superior quality.

Blocking Buffers

Molecular Weight Marker

This Protein molecular weight marker is a cocktail of seven purified proteins that range in size from 14 to 120 kDa and thus span a molecular weight range common to most proteins and protein subunits. The protein mixture has been formulated to yield well-defined bands after SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and staining with Coomassie blue or other common staining techniques. The intensity of the 67 kDa bovine serum albumine band has been increased to serve as a reference. The product is supplied in 1X loading buffer and is ready-to-use.

Positive Control Lysates

Western blotting positive controls. Each vial contains 500 µg of protein in 500 µL (except the nuclear extract as noted). Lysate is in 1X SDS PAGE Sample Buffer. All lysates are tested by SDS-PAGE using 4-20% gradient gels using antibodies to key signaling components to confirm the presence of both high molecular and low molecular weight proteins.

Loading Control Antibodies

More Western Blotting Reagents

HRP Substrates

Sensitive and Supersensitive Chemiluminescent HRP Substrates for Western Blotting and Microwell Assays

Western Blotting Kits

High Sensitivity Chemiluminescnce Western Blotting Kits
MaxTag Immunoblotting Kits

Primary Antibodies for Western Blotting

Rockland Immunochemicals produces more than 1000 primary antibodies for western blotting.

Secondary Antibodies

Use the Secondary Antibody Search for IRDye700-, IRDye800-, DyLight680-, DyLight800-, AP- and HRP- conjugated secondary antibodies.

Overview on IRDye antibodies.

Secondary Antibody Search

TrueBlot for Optimum WB after IPWB Stripping BufferRockland Partners with National Cancer Institute

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