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Caylin-1 | CAS 1207480-88-3

ART NR.: Cay10004985-1 (1 mg)
Cay10004985-5 (5 mg)
Cay10004985-10 (10 mg)

Hersteller: Cayman


Anwendungen: Nutlin-​3 analog

CAS-Nr. : 1207480-​88-​3 | Suche mit CAS-Nr.

MW: 650 D

Formel: C30H28Cl4N4O4

Reinheit: >98%

Format: crystalline solid

Lagerung: -20°C

Versand: -20°C

KEGG ID: K06643 | Suche mit KEGG ID

Schlagworte: 4-[4,5-bis(3,4-chlorophenyl)-2-(2-isopropoxy-4-methoxy-phenyl)-4,5-dihydro-imidazole-1-carboxyl]-piperazin-2-one


1 mg

67 €


5 mg

282 €


10 mg

497 €

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Bemerkungen: Caylin-1 is a nutlin-3 analog which contains chlorine substituents at the 3 and 4 positions on two of the phenyl rings rather than a single 4-chloro as seen in nutlin-3. At high concentrations, caylin-1 inhibits the growth of HCT-116 cells with an IC50 value of approximately 7 µM, making it about 7-fold less potent than nutlin-3 in the same assay. Interestingly, at concentrations at or below 1 µM, caylin-1 promotes the growth of HCT-116 cells approximately 20% compared to untreated cells. The mechanism of the growth promoting properties of caylin-1 have not yet been elucidated.
Image Art Cay10004985-1 Cayman Caylin-1

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