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Prostaglandin D Synthase (hematopoietic-type) FP-Based Inhibitor Screening Assay Kit - Green

ART NR.: Cay600007-384 (384 wells)
Cay600007-1920 (1920 wells)

Hersteller: Cayman



Anwendungen: PGDS inhibitor screening

Messtechnik: Fluor. Polar.

Lagerung: -20°C

Versand: -20°C

UniProt ID: O60760 | Suche mit UniProt ID

KEGG ID: K01830 | Suche mit KEGG ID

Schlagworte: GSTS, HPGDS, H-PGDS, EC=, EC=, GST class-sigma, Glutathione S-transferase, Prostaglandin-H2 D-isomerase, Glutathione-dependent PGD synthase, Hematopoietic prostaglandin D synthase, Glutathione-requiring prostaglandin D synthase



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Bemerkungen: Cayman's H-PGDS FP-Based Inhibitor Screening Assay Kit - Green provides a rapid, accurate assay for screening H-PGDS inhibitors. In this assay, a H-PGDS inhibitor-fluorescein conjugate serves as a specific fluorescent probe for the enzyme. Displacement of the probe by any unlabeled H-PGDS inhibitor leads to a decrease in the fluorescence polarization (FP) state of the probe, providing a direct signal for binding of the inhibitor to the active site of the enzyme. This assay is robust (Z of 0.75) and eliminates the need for the traditional multistep assay that requires the use of highly unstable PGH2. The assay has been validated using several known inhibitors of H-PGDS with IC50 values ranging from nanomolar to millimolar concentrations.
Image Art Cay600007-384 Cayman Prostaglandin D Synthase (hematopoietic-type) FP-Based Inhibitor Screening Assay Kit - Green

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