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Lightning-Link(TM) Rapid FluoProbes647H conjugation kit

ART NR.: 362-0030 (1 kit)
362-0010 (1 kit)
362-0015 (1 kit)

Hersteller: Innova Biosciences




Anwendungen: Ultra-​fast antibody labeling

1 kit (3x Ab labelings each 10 - 20 µg scale)

242 €

1 kit (3x Ab labelings each 100 - 200 µg scale)

348 €

1 kit (1x Ab labeling 1 - 2 mg scale)

620 €

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Bemerkungen: The Lightning-Link Rapid Antibody Labeling System allows conjugations to be set up in seconds, and used within minutes (labeled antibody in less than 20 minutes). By circumventing the desalting or dialysis steps that commonly interrupt traditional protein labeling procedures, Lightning-Link(TM) Rapid technology can be used to label small quantities of antibody with 100% recovery. FluoProbes(R)647H is one of a new generation of fluorescent labels designed to label biomolecules. It has a strong absorption at 653nm, high fluorescence at 674nm (extinction coefficient 2.5 x10(5) cm-1M-1) and high quantum yield.
Image Art 362-0030 Innova Biosciences Lightning-Link(TM) Rapid FluoProbes647H conjugation kit

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