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Anti-Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor 7 (Ser862)

ART NR.: P1230-862 (100 µl)

Hersteller: PhosphoSolutions


Anwendungen: WB

Format: affinity purified

Wirt: Rabbit

Reaktivität: rat, mouse, human, bovine, non-human primate, zebra fish, canine

Immunogen: synthetic phospho-peptide corresponding to amino acid residues surrounding phospho-Ser862 of rat mGluR7

Lagerung: -20°C

Versand: +4°C

UniProt ID: P35400
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Geninformationen: GeneID 81672

Schlagworte: Anti-Grm7, Anti-mGluR7, Anti-Gprc1g, Anti-Metabotropic glutamate receptor 7


100 µl

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Bemerkungen: Metabotropic glutamate receptors (mGluRs) are key receptors in the modulation of excitatory synaptic transmission in the central nervous system. They are implicated in many forms of neural plasticity as well as learning and memory and drug abuse (Bhattacharya et al., 2004, Francesconi et al., 2004, Wilson and Nicoll, 2001). The mGluRs are divided into three groups based on sequence identity and pharmacological properties: group I (mGluR1 and mGluR5) are localized in the perisynaptic region of the postsynaptic membrane, whereas group II (mGlur2 and mGluR3) and group III (mGluR4,6,7 and 8) are localized predominantly at presynaptic terminals. PKC phosphorylation of serine 862 on mGluR7 has been shown to be critical for stabilizing receptor surface expression and promoting binding to the synaptic PDZ-domain-containing protein PICK1 (Suh et al., 2008).

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