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DNMT1 direct activity assay kit

DNMT1 Direct Activity Chemiluminescent Assay KitCatalog # 52050L

Size: 96 reactions

DESCRIPTION: The DNMT1 Direct Activity Assay Kit is designed to measure DNMT1activity using purified DNMT1 or cell extracts containing DNMT1. The DNMT1 DirectActivity Assay Kit comes in a convenient format, with a 96-well plate precoated withDNMT substrate, the antibody against 5-methylcytosine, the secondary HRP-labeledantibody, S-adenosylmethionine, DNMT1 assay buffer, and purified DNMT1 for 100enzyme reactions. The key to the DNMT1 Direct Activity Assay Kit is a highly specificantibody that recognizes 5-methylcytosine of the substrate. With this kit, only threesimple steps on a microtiter plate are required for DNMT1 detection.First, S-adenosylmethionine is incubated with a sample containing assay buffer and DNMT1 for one hour. Next, primary antibody is added. Finally, the plate is treated with an HRP-labeled secondary antibody followed by addition of the HRP substrate to produce chemiluminescence that can then be measured using a chemiluminescence reader.COMPONENTS:DNMT1 Assay Kit Components

APPLICATIONS: Great for studying enzyme kinetics and HTS applications.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: DMSO >1%, strong acids or bases, ionic detergents, high saltSTABILITY: One year from date of receipt when stored as directed.

REFERENCE: 1. Svedruzic ZM. Curr. Med. Chem. 2008; 15(1):92-106.

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