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NanoTools Antibodies


NanoTools produces high quality mouse monoclonals antibodies for signal transduction research.
Among these you find 100+ phosphospecific antibodies with excellent reputation in the scientific community. NanoTools is also very well known for their impressing range of excellent EGF receptor antibodies. NanoTools offers also many control peptides and is also a very good source of cell lysates.

Download your Nanotools catalog (pdf, 598 kB) for a complete product overview.

Alphabetical List of Nanotools Antibodies

Anti-​alpha-​Catenin, clone 15D9
Anti-​Amyloid bA4 (1-​40) (C-​term), clone 5C3
Anti-​Amyloid bA4 (1-​40) (C-​term), clone 5C3, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​Amyloid bA4 (1-​40) (C-​term), clone 5C3, FITC conjugated
Anti-​Amyloid bA4 (1-​42) (C-​term), clone 8G7
Anti-​Amyloid bA4 (1-​42) (C-​term), clone 8G7, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​Amyloid bA4 (1-​42) (C-​term), clone 8G7, FITC conjugated
Anti-​Amyloid bA4 (1-​43) (C-​term), clone 6G12
Anti-​Amyloid bA4 (1-​43) (C-​term), clone 6G12, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​Amyloid bA4 (40/42) (C-​term), clone 9F1
Anti-​Amyloid bA4 (40/42) (C-​term), clone 9F1, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​Amyloid bA4 (40/42) (C-​term), clone 9F1, FITC conjugated
Anti-​Amyloid bA4 (free N-​terminus), clone 11H3
Anti-​Amyloid bA4 (free N-​terminus), clone 7F9
Anti-​Amyloid bA4 (N-​term), clone 19H11
Anti-​Amyloid bA4 (N-​term), clone 19H11, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​Amyloid bA4 (N-​term), clone 19H5
Anti-​Amyloid bA4 (N-​term), clone 19H5, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​Amyloid bA4, (free N-​terminus), clone 7F4
Anti-​Amyloid Beta A4 (N-​terminus), clone 1E8
Anti-​ATG5, clone 7C6
Anti-​Aurora A (N-​term), clone 7F12
Anti-​AuroraA/B (C-​term), clone 5F11
Anti-​BAD, clone 5E6
Anti-​Beclin, clone 12B4
Anti-​beta-​Catenin (C-​term) (exon 14), clone 7D8
Anti-​beta-​Catenin (C-​term), clone 10H8
Anti-​beta-​Catenin (core), clone 9G10
Anti-​beta-​Catenin (exon 3), clone 9G2
Anti-​beta-​Catenin (exon 3), clone 9G2, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​beta-​Catenin (N-​term) (exon 2), clone 7D11
Anti-​beta-​Catenin, dephospho (amino acids 27-​37), clone 8E4
Anti-​beta-​Catenin, dephospho (amino acids 35-​50), clone 7A7
Anti-​Biotin, clone 2H2
Anti-​BRK, clone 24B7
Anti-​c-​MET / HGFR, clone 14G9
Anti-​C-​raf, clone PBB-​1, clone PBB-​1
Anti-​Casein Kinase 1, epsilon (CK1epsilon), clone 4D7
Anti-​Casein Kinase II substrate phosphopeptide (..D-​pS-​D...), clone 9F4
Anti-​dephospho-​PKB (Akt) (Ser473), clone 11A11
Anti-​Diversin 1 (FL3), clone 6G8
Anti-​E-​Cadherin, clone 22F8
Anti-​E-​Cadherin, clone 22F8, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​EGF Receptor (amino acids 1140-​1160), clone 10F4
Anti-​EGF Receptor (amino acids 1140-​1160), clone 10F4, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​EGF Receptor (amino acids 960-​980), clone 16F8
Anti-​EGF Receptor (amino acids 960-​980), clone 16F8, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​EGF Receptor (C-​term), clone 13G8
Anti-​EGF Receptor (C-​term), clone 13G8, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​EGF Receptor (extracellular domain), clone 20E12
Anti-​EGF Receptor (extracellular domain), clone 20E12, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​EGF Receptor (N-​term), clone 14C8
Anti-​EGF Receptor (N-​term), clone 14C8, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​ErbB2 (amino acids 1240-​1260), clone 19D2
Anti-​ErbB2 (amino acids 1240-​1260), clone 19D2, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​ErbB2 (intracellular domain aa 860-​880), clone 24B5
Anti-​ErbB3 (amino acids 1250-​1270), clone 5A12
Anti-​ErbB3 (C-​term), clone 11A4
Anti-​ErbB3 (C-​term), clone 11A4, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​ErbB4 (amino acids 1230-​1250), clone 6C5
Anti-​Fer (Tyk3), clone 6B9
Anti-​Fos (N-​term), clone 8B5
Anti-​Glutathione S-​Transferase, clone 4H3
Anti-​GSK3alpha, clone 10C1
Anti-​GSK3beta (N-​term), clone 11B9
Anti-​GSK3beta (N-​term), clone 11B9, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​IGF1 receptor (C-​term), clone 7G11
Anti-​IGF1 receptor (C-​term), clone 7G11, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​IgY (chicken egg yolk Ig), clone 4G12
Anti-​IgY (chicken egg yolk Ig), clone 9B4
Anti-​Insulin Receptor (C-​term), clone 11B6
Anti-​Insulin Receptor, clone 9H4
Anti-​Jnk1/SAPK1g (N-​term), clone 5D10
Anti-​Jnk1/SAPK1g (N-​term), clone 5D10, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​Jnk2/SAPKa (N-​term), clone 12C5
Anti-​Jnk2/SAPKa (N-​term), clone 12C5, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​Jnk3/SAPK1b (N-​term), clone 4G6
Anti-​LC3 B, clone 2G6
Anti-​LC3 B, clone 5F10
Anti-​LC3 B, clone 5F10, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​Lymphoid Enhancer Factor, clone 2D12
Anti-​M-​Cadherin (human), extracellular domain, clone 21G4
Anti-​M-​Cadherin (mouse), extracellular domain, clone 12G4
Anti-​Maltose Binding Protein, clone 6E4
Anti-​MAP Kinase 2 (erk2) (C-​term), clone 6G11
Anti-​MAP Kinase 2 (erk2) (C-​term), clone 6G11, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​MAP Kinase 2 (erk2) (N-​term), clone 6H3
Anti-​MAP Kinase 2 (erk2) (N-​term), clone 6H3, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​MAP Kinase 7(erk5), clone 12F2
Anti-​MAPKinase2/erk2 internal sequence, clone 12A4
Anti-​MAPKinase2/erk2 internal sequence, clone 12A4, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​MEK1 (N-​term), clone 10B1
Anti-​MEK1/2 (activation loop), clone 9G3
Anti-​MEK2 (N-​term), clone 8E8
Anti-​MKK3 (MAP2K3) (N-​term), clone 5F7
Anti-​MKK5 (N-​term), clone 14B5
Anti-​MKK7 (N-​term), clone 10F7
Anti-​Mxi 2 (N-​term), clone 2F2
Anti-​N-​Acetylglucosamine, clone 10D8
Anti-​N-​Cadherin, clone 7E9
Anti-​N-​Cadherin, clone 7E9, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​Nitrotyrosine, clone 7A5
Anti-​non-​phospho-​EGF Receptor (dephosphorylated Tyr1173), clone 20G3
Anti-​non-​phospho-​EGF Receptor (dephosphorylated Tyr1173), clone 20G3, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​PAK4, clone 6C1
Anti-​PDK Substrate, activated (...F-​pS-​Y...), clone 4E1
Anti-​PDK Substrate, activated (...F-​pT-​Y...), clone 2D2
Anti-​phospho-​Bcl10 (Ser138), clone 6D3
Anti-​phospho-​beta-​Catenin (Tyr654) / gamma-​Catenin (Tyr643), clone 1B11
Anti-​phospho-​beta-​Catenin (Tyr654) / gamma-​Catenin (Tyr643), clone 1B11, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​phospho-​beta-​Catenin (Tyr86), clone 24E1
Anti-​phospho-​beta-​Catenin (Tyr86), clone 24E1, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​phospho-​C-​raf (Ser621), clone 6B4
Anti-​phospho-​CREB (Ser133) / phospho-​ATF1 (Ser63), clone 10E1
Anti-​phospho-​EGF-​Receptor (Thr669), clone 5F10
Anti-​phospho-​EGF-​Receptor (Tyr1173), clone 9H2
Anti-​phospho-​EGF-​Receptor (Tyr1173), clone 9H2, FITC conjugated
Anti-​phospho-​EGF-​Receptor (Ser1047), clone 1H9
Anti-​phospho-​EGF-​Receptor (Ser1047), clone 1H9, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​phospho-​EGF-​Receptor (Thr654), clone 3F2
Anti-​phospho-​EGF-​Receptor (Thr654), clone 3F2, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​phospho-​EGF-​Receptor (Thr669), clone 5F10, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​phospho-​EGF-​Receptor (Tyr1045), clone 11C2
Anti-​phospho-​EGF-​Receptor (Tyr1045), clone 11C2, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​phospho-​EGF-​Receptor (Tyr1068), clone 15A2
Anti-​phospho-​EGF-​Receptor (Tyr1068), clone 15A2, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​phospho-​EGF-​Receptor (Tyr1086), clone 8B8
Anti-​phospho-​EGF-​Receptor (Tyr1086), clone 8B8, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​phospho-​EGF-​Receptor (Tyr1148), clone 10G12
Anti-​phospho-​EGF-​Receptor (Tyr1173), clone 9H2, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​phospho-​EGF-​Receptor (Tyr845), clone 12A3
Anti-​phospho-​EGF-​Receptor (Tyr845), clone 12A3, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​phospho-​EGF-​Receptor (Tyr845), clone 12A3, FITC conjugated
Anti-​phospho-​eNOS (Ser1177), clone 15E2
Anti-​phospho-​ErbB2 (Ser1113), clone 9E10
Anti-​phospho-​ErbB2 (Ser1113), clone 9E10, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​phospho-​ErbB2 (Thr686), clone 7F8
Anti-​phospho-​ErbB2 (Tyr1112), clone 19G5
Anti-​phospho-​ErbB2 (Tyr1112), clone 19G5, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​phospho-​ErbB2 (Tyr1112), clone 19G5, FITC conjugated
Anti-​phospho-​ErbB2 (Tyr1139), clone 14B3
Anti-​phospho-​ErbB2 (Tyr1248), clone 6G7
Anti-​phospho-​ErbB2 (Tyr877), clone 12B9
Anti-​phospho-​ErbB4 (Tyr1242), clone 4C6
Anti-​phospho-​FAK (Focal adhesion kinase) (Tyr397), clone 2D11
Anti-​phospho-​Fos (Ser374), clone 34E4
Anti-​phospho-​GSK3alpha (Ser21), clone 9B8
Anti-​phospho-​GSK3beta (Ser9), clone 2D3
Anti-​phospho-​GSK3beta (Ser9), clone 3A8
Anti-​phospho-​GSK3beta (Ser9), clone 3A8, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​phospho-​GSK3beta (Tyr215)/GSK3alpha (Tyr278), clone 6D3
Anti-​phospho-​GSK3beta (Tyr215)/GSK3alpha (Tyr278), clone 6D3, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​phospho-​Hsp27 (Ser82), clone 5B9
Anti-​phospho-​Hsp27 (Ser82), clone 5B9, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​phospho-​IGF1-​Receptor (Tyr1316), clone 2B9
Anti-​phospho-​Insulin Receptor (Tyr1150/1151), clone 10C3
Anti-​phospho-​Insulin Receptor (Tyr1322), clone 21G12
Anti-​phospho-​MAP Kinase 1/2 (pThr-​Glu-​pTyr), clone 12D4
Anti-​phospho-​MAP Kinase 1/2 (pThr-​Glu-​pTyr), clone 12D4, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​phospho-​MAP Kinase 1/2 (pThr-​Glu-​pTyr), clone 12D4, FITC conjugated
Anti-​phospho-​MEK1 (Ser218/222)/MEK2 (Ser222/226), clone 7E10
Anti-​phospho-​p53 (Ser392), clone 9F4
Anti-​phospho-​PKA Substrate, activated, clone 15B12
Anti-​phospho-​PKB (Akt) (Ser473), clone 11E6
Anti-​phospho-​PKB (Akt) (Ser473), clone 11E6, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​phospho-​Pyk2/CAKb (Tyr402), clone 14F6
Anti-​phospho-​SAP Kinase 1/2 (pT-​P-​pY, pT-​G-​pY), clone 9H8
Anti-​phospho-​Shc (Tyr239/Tyr240), clone 1E3
Anti-​phospho-​Shc (Tyr317), clone 15E11
Anti-​phospho-​Shc/p66 (Ser36), clone 6E10
Anti-​phospho-​Src (Tyr416), clone 9A6
Anti-​phospho-​Src (Tyr416), clone 9A6, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​phospho-​STAT1 (Ser727), clone 12C5
Anti-​phospho-​STAT3 (Ser727), clone 23G5
Anti-​phospho-​STAT3 (Tyr705), clone 9E12
Anti-​phospho-​STAT3 (Tyr705), clone 9E12, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​phospho-​STAT3 (Tyr705), clone 9E12, FITC conjugated
Anti-​phospho-​STAT5 A/B (Tyr694/699), clone 5G4
Anti-​phospho-​STAT6 (Tyr641), clone 16E12
Anti-​phospho-​VASP (Ser157), clone 5C6
Anti-​phospho-​VASP (Ser157), clone 5C6, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​phospho-​VASP (Ser157), clone 5C6, FITC conjugated
Anti-​phospho-​VASP (Ser239), clone 16C2
Anti-​phospho-​VASP (Ser239), clone 16C2, ATTO 633 conjugated
Anti-​phospho-​VASP (Ser239), clone 16C2, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​phospho-​VASP (Ser239), clone 16C2, FITC conjugated
Anti-​phospho-​VASP (Ser239), clone 22E11
Anti-​phospho-​VASP (Ser239), clone 22E11, ATTO conjugated
Anti-​Phosphoserine, clone 16B4
Anti-​Phosphoserine, clone 1C8
Anti-​Phosphoserine, clone 4A3
Anti-​Phosphoserine, clone 4A9
Anti-​Phosphoserine, clone 4H4
Anti-​Phosphoserine, clone 7F12
Anti-​Phosphothreonine, clone 14B3
Anti-​Phosphothreonine, clone 1E11
Anti-​Phosphothreonine, clone 4D11
Anti-​Phosphotyrosine (pYpY), clone 9F1
Anti-​Phosphotyrosine (pYpY), clone 9F1, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​Phosphotyrosine, clone 16F4
Anti-​Phosphotyrosine, clone 16F4, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​Phosphotyrosine, clone 1F9
Anti-​Phosphotyrosine, clone 1F9, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​Phosphotyrosine, clone 2A5
Anti-​Phosphotyrosine, clone 2A5, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​Phosphotyrosine, clone 2C8
Anti-​Phosphotyrosine, clone 2C8, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​Phosphotyrosine, clone 2C8, FITC conjugated
Anti-​Phosphotyrosine, clone 3B12
Anti-​Phosphotyrosine, clone 3B12, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​Phosphotyrosine, clone 9H8
Anti-​Phosphotyrosine, clone 9H8, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​PIN1 (human), clone 8C10
Anti-​PKB alpha (Akt-​1), clone 5G12
Anti-​PKB beta (Akt-​2), clone 8B7
Anti-​PKB/Akt (C-​term), clone 5C10
Anti-​PKB/Akt (C-​term), clone 5C10, Biotin conjugated
Anti-​PKC theta, clone 1C2
Anti-​PKG Substrate, activated, clone 7H1
Anti-​PLC gamma (amino acids 970-​990), clone 2D5
Anti-​Raptor, clone 10E10
Anti-​Rictor, clone 1G11
Anti-​SAP Kinase 2a/p38a (N-​term), clone 13D5
Anti-​SAP Kinase 2a/p38a (N-​term), clone 20B11
Anti-​SAP Kinase 2d/p38d (N-​term), clone 5H7
Anti-​Scramblase-​1, clone 1E9
Anti-​Shc (C-​term), clone 11F6
Anti-​Shc/p66 (N-​term), clone 24E4
Anti-​Src (N-​term), clone 11F1
Anti-​STAT6 (amino acids 650-​670), clone 8C12
Anti-​Streptavidin, clone 36G3
Anti-​Topoisomerase 1, clone 23B11
Anti-​Trefoil Factor 3, human, clone 15C6
Anti-​Vimentin, clone 11H6
Anti-​Yes (N-​term), clone 2B8
Phosphoserine Detection Kit (6 x 25 µg), monoclonal antibodies
Phosphothreonine Detection Kit (3 x 25 µg), monoclonal antibodies
Phosphotyrosine Detection Kit (7 x 25 µg)

Complete Listing of Nanotools Products

Anti-LC3 B, clone 2G6 Monoclonal AntibodyPositive Control Cell LysatesComparison of Anti-Phosphotyrosine Antibodies

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