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Rabbit Monoclonals

Rabbits have - compared to mice - an additional immunological organ and their immune system produces excellent antibodies with additional antibody optimization steps during B cell maturation. The result is that rabbit antibodies binds generally more strongly and more selectively to the antigen then mouse antibodies do. This allows an exceptional monoclonal technology: Rabbit Monoclonals. Rabbit monoclonals combine the advantage of rabbit antibodies (high affinity) and monoclonal antibodies (reproducibility). Biomol offers to the researcher an unsurpassed selection of rabbit monoclonal antibodies, many from Spring Bioscience.


Spring Bioscience Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies

Control peptides for each antibody are available. Species reactivities has been tested in western blotting, applications have been tested with human samples.


Primary Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies

Anti-Actin-beta, clone SP124
Anti-Actin-Smooth Muscle (SMA), clone SP171
Anti-ALK/p80, clone SP8
Anti-Alpha-Fetoprotein, clone SP154
Anti-Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase (ALK), clone SP144
Anti-Androgen Receptor (AR), clone SP107
Anti-Arginase-1, clone SP156
Anti-BAX, clone SP47
Anti-BCL-10, clone SP153
Anti-BCL-2 alpha, clone SP66
Anti-BCL-6, clone SP155
Anti-BOB-1, clone SP92
Anti-c-erbB-2/HER-2, clone SP101
Anti-c-erbB-2/HER-2, clone SP3
Anti-c-erbB-3/HER-3, clone SP71
Anti-c-Met (Paired 1003), clone SP59
Anti-c-Met, clone SP44
Anti-c-TEN, clone SP83
Anti-C4d, clone SP91
Anti-Cadherin-E/E-Cadherin, clone SP64
Anti-Cadherin-N/N-Cadherin, clone SP90
Anti-Calcitonin, clone SP17
Anti-Calpain, clone SP81
Anti-Calpastatin, clone SP82
Anti-Calretinin, clone SP13
Anti-Carbonic Anhydrase 9 (CA-9), clone SP106
Anti-Caveolin-1, clone SP43
Anti-CD10, clone SP67
Anti-CD117/c-kit, clone SP26
Anti-CD138, clone SP152
Anti-CD15, clone SP159
Anti-CD163, clone SP96
Anti-CD19, clone SP110
Anti-CD1a, clone SP157
Anti-CD20, clone SP32
Anti-CD22, clone SP104
Anti-CD23, clone SP163
Anti-CD23, clone SP23
Anti-CD25, clone SP176
Anti-CD278/ICOS, clone SP98
Anti-CD3, clone SP162
Anti-CD3, clone SP7
Anti-CD31, clone SP164
Anti-CD31, clone SP38
Anti-CD38, clone SP149
Anti-CD4, clone SP35
Anti-CD43, clone SP55
Anti-CD44 Std, clone SP37
Anti-CD5, clone SP19
Anti-CD7, clone SP94
Anti-CD79a, clone SP18
Anti-CD8, clone SP16
Anti-CD99, clone SP119
Anti-CDK2, clone SP80
Anti-CDX2, clone SP54
Anti-Chromogranin A, clone SP12
Anti-Claudin-1, clone SP128
Anti-COX-2, clone SP21
Anti-Cyclin D1, clone SP4
Anti-Cyclin E1, clone SP146
Anti-Desmin, clone SP138
Anti-DOG-1, clone SP31
Anti-EphA2, clone SP169
Anti-Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR), clone SP84
Anti-Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR), clone SP9
Anti-ERCC1, clone SP68
Anti-Estrogen Receptor (ER), clone SP1
Anti-EZH2, clone SP129
Anti-F4/80, clone SP115
Anti-FLK-1 (mouse), clone SP123
Anti-Fn14, clone SP134
Anti-FOXA1, clone SP88
Anti-FoxP1, clone SP133
Anti-FOXP3, clone SP97
Anti-GIV, clone SP173
Anti-Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein (GFAP), clone SP78
Anti-GLUT-1, clone SP168
Anti-Glypican-3, clone SP86
Anti-IKAROS, clone SP108
Anti-J-chain, clone SP105
Anti-Kappa Light Chain, clone SP148
Anti-Keratin 10, clone SP99
Anti-Keratin 14, clone SP53
Anti-Keratin 17, clone SP95
Anti-Keratin 18, clone SP135
Anti-Keratin 18, clone SP69
Anti-Keratin 20, clone SP33
Anti-Keratin 5, clone SP27
Anti-Keratin 6, clone SP87
Anti-Keratin 7, clone SP52
Anti-Keratin 8, clone SP102
Anti-Ki-67, clone SP6
Anti-Ku80, clone SP130
Anti-Lambda Light Chain, clone SP147
Anti-LMO2, clone SP51
Anti-Luteinizing Hormone (LH), clone SP132
Anti-MAP4K4, clone SP177
Anti-MCM2, clone SP85
Anti-Mesothelin, clone SP74
Anti-MSH2, clone SP46
Anti-MSH6, clone SP93
Anti-MUM1/IRF4, clone SP114
Anti-Myeloperoxidase (MPO), clone SP72
Anti-N-Ras (Q61R), clone SP174
Anti-Nestin, clone SP103
Anti-Nitric Oxide Synthase-Inducible (iNOS), clone SP126
Anti-p120 (catenin delta 1), clone SP63
Anti-p53, clone SP161
Anti-p53, clone SP5
Anti-p57, clone SP118
Anti-Parathyroid Hormone (PTH), clone SP151
Anti-PAX-5, clone SP34
Anti-PCNA, clone SP136
Anti-phospho-c-Met (Tyr1003), clone SP58
Anti-phospho-GIV (Tyr1765), clone SP158
Anti-phospho-S6 Ribosomal (Ser235/236), clone SP50
Anti-phospho-S6 Ribosomal (Ser240/244), clone SP45
Anti-PI3K p85, clone SP62
Anti-pI3KCA, clone SP139
Anti-PLAP, clone SP15
Anti-Progesterone Receptor (PR), clone SP2
Anti-Progesterone Receptor (PR), clone SP42
Anti-PSMA, clone SP29
Anti-PTEN, clone SP170
Anti-RRM1, clone SP167
Anti-S100 beta, clone SP127
Anti-SLIT2, clone SP122
Anti-SOX-2, clone SP76
Anti-Spink1, clone SP166
Anti-Stathmin, clone SP49
Anti-Survivin, clone SP79
Anti-Synaptophysin, clone SP11
Anti-Syntaxin 1A, clone SP36
Anti-Tau (Neuronal Marker), clone SP70
Anti-Terminal Deoxynucleotidyl Transferase (TdT), clone SP150
Anti-Thymidylate Synthase (TS), clone SP112
Anti-Thyroid Transcription Factor-1 (TTF-1), clone SP141
Anti-Uroplakin III, clone SP73
Anti-Villin, clone SP145
Anti-Vimentin, clone SP20
Anti-Vinculin, clone SP117
Negative Control for Rabbit IgG, clone SP137

Popular Rabbit Monoclonals

Estrogen Receptor Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Clone SP1
Ki-67 Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Clone SP6


Rabbit Monoclonals by Tissue Focus

Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies by Tissue Focus (table, pdf)


Rabbit Monoclonals by Research Interest

Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies by Research Interest (table, pdf)