Immunocytochemistry (ICC) allows researchers to evaluate whether or not cells in a particular sample express the antigen in question. In cases where an immunopositive signal is found, ICC also allows researchers to determine which sub-cellular compartments are expressing the antigen.

Fluorescent Dye Labelled Secondary Antibodies

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Antibody Labelling Kits

Use directly labeled primary antibodies for better signal-to-noise ratio. With Lightning-Link antibody labelling kits it takes only 30 seconds hands-on-time to label the antibody of your choice.

Fluorescent Dye Labelled Primary Antibodies

Fluorescent Dyes for Staining Cellular Components

Reagents for Immunocytochemistry of General Use

Antibodies working in immunocytochemistry


Immunocytochemistry Protocols


FluoroQuest™ Anti-fading Kit (Optimized for Slide Imaging) reduces the dye photobleaching rate, giving researchers longer observation time. The kit contains all the essential components that can be readily applied to imaging experiments.