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Biologically Active Peptides


Like proteins, peptides occur in nature and are responsible for many functions.

For instance, antimicrobial peptides disrupt the membrane of a target cell thus lysis of the cell. Opioid peptides such as casomorphine and gluten exorphine mimick the effects of morphine (1). Calcineurin is an important signaling molecule in mesangial cells in vitro and is involved in some manifestations of diabetic nephropathy in vivo (2).
Amyloid beta-protein accumulation in the brain is linked to the neuropathology of Alzheimer’s disease (3). The altered kinetics and enzymatic cleavage of peptidesduring water-electrolyte imbalance can contribute to cardiac and renal damage associated with elevated blood pressure (4). Angiotensin II, a cell proliferation and angiogenesis regulator, is the main effector peptide in the renin-angiotensin system (5). Angiotensin II binds two major receptors, AT1 and AT2. An AT2 receptor microvascular dilator action is mediated by nitric oxide (NO) generation in a bradykinin-dependent or independent manner. Carey RM reported that AT2 receptor had protective effect against ischemic renal injury. The AT2 receptor will be a crucial investigation area with therapeutic applications in the future (6).
Ultra-pure water is the first choice solvent for most peptides. Dilute acetic acid or ammonium hydroxide may be necessary to dissolve basic or acidic peptides, respectively. A peptide with greater than 70% purity is usually sufficient for generating or testing antibodies. A mixture of closely related peptides is able to induce an immune response that will provide the required antibody. Higher than 85% or 95% pure peptides are required in enzymology or biological activity studies (7).

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Biologically Active Peptides Product Listing

Cat# Peptide
A0099 A-779
A0812 Ac-D-E
A0825 Ac-GPK-pNA
A0826 Ac-GPK(Ac)-pNA
A0832 Ac-IEAR-pNA
A0834 Ac-IETD-pNA
A0962 ACTH (1-4)
A0963 ACTH (1-10), human
A0964 ACTH (1-13), human
A0965 ACTH (1-14)
A0966 ACTH (1-16), human
A0967 ACTH (1-17), human
A0968 ACTH (1-24), human
A0960 ACTH (1-39), human
A0961 ACTH (1-39), rat
A0970 ACTH (18-39), human
A0969 ACTH (4-10), human
A1084 Ac-VEID-pNA
A1097 Ac-YVAD-pNA
A1330 Adipokinetic Hormone
A1332 Adipokinetic Hormone II from LM
A1333 Adipokinetic Hormone II from SG
A1331 Adipokinetic Hormone, AKH, locust
A1368 Adrenomedullin (1-52), human
A1369 Adrenomedullin (13-52),
A1370 Adrenomedullin (22-52),
A1371 Adrenorphin
A2412 A-G-D-V
A4369 A-K-R-R-R-L-S-S-L-R-A
A4401 A-L-A-L
A4403 Alarelin Acetate
A4438 Allatostatin I
A4498 Alytesin
A4844 Amylin (8-37), human
A4845 Amylin (8-37),rat
A4846 Amylin (IAPP), feline
A4847 Amylin, human
A4850 Amylin, rat
A4851 β-Amyloid (1-40), rat
A4852 β-Amyloid (1-40), Ultra Pure, TFA
A4853 β-Amyloid (1-42), human
A4849 β-Amyloid (25-35)
A4854 β-Amyloid Peptide (1-42), rat
A4848 Amyloid-b Protein (1-40)
A5225 α-ANF (1-28), human
A5070 Angiotensin Acetate
A5272 Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitor
A5273 Angiotensin I [Des-Asp1-], human
A5276 Angiotensin I, human
A5277 Angiotensin II, human
A5279 Angiotensin II (1-4), human
A5280 Angiotensin II (3-8), human
A5281 Angiotensin II (4-8), human
A5282 Angiotensin II [Sar1 Ile8]
A5283 Angiotensin II [Sar1]
A5284 Angiotensin II, human [Val5]
A5278 Angiotensin III, human
A5285 [Ile7] Angiotensin III
A5272 Angiotensin, Canine, Rat
A5287 Angiotensinogen (1-14), human
A5458 Anorexigenic Peptide
A5460 ANP (1-11), rat
A5461 ANP (1-30), frog
A5476 Antagonist G
A5477 Antide Acetate
A5478 Antiestrogen
A6002 Apamin
A6017 Apelin-13, human, bovine
A6827 Argpressin Acetate
A7657 Atosiban Acetate
A7669 Atrial Natriuretic Peptide (1-28), rat
A7670 Atriopeptin I
A7071 Atriopeptin II, rat, rabbit,mouse
A7072 Atriopeptin III
A8071 Auriculin A
A8077 Autocamtide 2
B0000 2B-(A)
B0072 2B-(S)
B0108 Bactenecin, bovine
A0248 BAM-12P
A0249 BAM-22P
B3324 Big Endothelin-1 (1-38), human
B5560 BNP (1-32), human
B5561 BNP (1-32), rat
F4420 Boc-F-L-F-L-F
B5609 Boc-GRR-AMC
B5610 Boc-PRR-AMC
B5611 Boc-RRR-AMC
B5648 Bombesin
B5649 [Tyr4] Bombesin
B6800 Bradykinin
B6802 Bradykinin (1-3)
B6803 Bradykinin (1-5)
B6804 Bradykinin (1-6)
B6805 Bradykinin (1-7)
B6806 Bradykinin (2-9)
B6807 Bradykinin [Des-Arg9]
B6808 Bradykinin [Des-Pro2]
B6809 Bradykinin [DPhe7]
B6810 Bradykinin [Hyp3]
B6811 [Tyr8] Bradykinin
B6812 Bradykinin Potentiator B
B6813 Bradykinin Potentiator C
B3346 Brain injury-derived Neurotrophic Peptide
B8010 Buccalin
B8271 Bursin
C0247 Calcineurin Autoinhibitory Peptide
C0248 Calcineurin Substrate
C0146 Calcitonin, chicken
C0152 Calcitonin, eel
C0148 Calcitonin, human
C0153 Calcitonin, rat
C0149 Calcitonin, salmon
C0244 α-Calcitonin gene Related Peptide, chicken
C0151 α-Calcitonin gene Related Peptide, human
C0245 Calcitonin Gene Related Peptide, rat
C0243 Calcitonin Gene Related Peptide (8-37), human
C0249 Calcitonin Gene Related Peptide (8-37), rat
C0250 Calcitonin Gene Related Peptide II, human
C0251 Calcitonin Gene Related Peptide II, rat
C0175 Carbetocin Acetate
C0372 Casein Kinase 2 Assay Kit
C0374 β-Casomorphin, human
C0375 Caspase 3, Substrate,Colorimetric
C0376 Catch-Relaxing Peptide (CARP)
C0476 CB-TH
C1600 CEA (605-613)
C1601 CEA (605-613) analogue
C1609 Cecropin B
C1620 CEF3
C1621 CEF4
C1622 CEF6
C1623 CEF10
C1868 Cerebellin
C1879 Cetrorelix Acetate
C2468 β-CGRP, human
C2970 Chromostatin, bovine
C4274 CKS-17
C5196 C-Myc Peptide
C5260 CNP-22, human, porcine, rat
C5646 Collagen Binding Fragment
C5655 Conotoxin GI
C5656 Conotoxin IMI
C5768 Corazonin
C5770 Corticotropin Releasing Factor, bovine
C5772 Corticotropin Releasing Factor, human, rat
C5774 Corticotropin Releasing Factor, ovine
C5773 Cortistatin-14
C6018 C-Peptide, dogs
C6019 C-Peptide, human
C6916 CREBtide
C6982 Crustacean Cardioactive Peptide, CCAP
C7098 Crystalline
C7602 CTAP
C7618 C-telopeptide
C7692 CTX IV (6-12)
C7693 [Arg3,14] CTX IV (3-14)
C7997 C-Type Natriuretic Peptide (1-22), human
C7998 C-Type Natriuretic Peptide, chicken
D0025 DAGO
D0044 D-Ala-D-Ala
D0254 Dansyl-Y-V-G
D1643 Delta Sleep Inducing Peptide
D1644 Deltorphin I
D1768 Dermaseptin I
D1767 Dermenkephalin
D1769 Dermorphin
D1770 Dermorphin Analog
D1775 Deslorelin Acetate
D1776 Desmopressin
D1777 Desmopressin Acetate
E2424 Egg Laying Hormone of Aplysia
E4408 Elcatonin Acetate
E4416 Eledoisin
E4417 Eledoisin Related Peptide
E5210 Endomorphin-1
E5211 Endomorphin-2
E5212 Endonuclease Antigenic Site
E5214 α-Endorphin
E5215 Acetyl, α-Endorphin
E5216 α-Endorphin, camel
E5217 α-Endorphin, human
E5218 α-Endorphin, rat
E5219 Endothelin-1, human
E5221 Endothelin-2, human
E5222 Endothelin-3, human
E5220 Enfuvirtide (T-20)
E5240 Leu-Enkephalin
E5241 Met-Enkephalin
E2542 Met-Enkephalin, amide
E5276 Enterostatin, human
E5277 Enterostatin, porcine, rat
E6376 Eptifibatide
E6993 Erythromycin resistance peptide MRLFV
E9416 Exendin-3
E9417 Exendin-4
E9418 Exendin (9-39)
F3204 Fibrinogen-binding Peptide
F3205 Fibrinogen g-chain dodecapeptide
F3206 Fibrinolysis Inhibiting Factor
F3208 Fibrinopeptide B, human
F3209 Fibronectin-Binding Protein
F3207 Fibronectin CS-1 Peptide
F4400 Flag Protein
F4580 FluM1 A2 (58-66)
F4856 Fmoc-Lys(Boc)-Leu-Lys(Boc)
F4859 F-M-R-F
F4857 FMRF amide
F4858 FMRF-like peptide from Snail
F5869 N-Formyl-Met-Ala-Ser
F5870 N-Formyl-Met-Leu-Phe
F5871 N-Formyl Met-Leu-Phe-Lys
F5872 N-Formyl-Nle-Leu-Phe-Nle-Tyr-Lys
G0000 G250.A2
G0146 Galanin, human
G0147 Galanin, porcine
G0148 Galanin, rat
G0044 Galantide
G0175 Gastric Inhibitory Peptide (GIP), human
G0180 Gastrin I, human
G0178 Gastrin, chicken
G0179 Gastrin-1, rat
G0181 Gastrin Releasing Peptide, human
G0182 Gastrin Releasing Peptide, porcine
G0096 G-A-Y
G2368 G-F-R
G2868 Ghrelin, human
G2869 Ghrelin, rat
G2870 GHRF (1-44), human
G2871 GHRF, bovine
G2872 GHRF, mouse
G2873 GHRF, ovine
G2874 GHRF, rat
G2968 GHRP-2
G2969 GHRP-6
G4479 Glucagon (19-29), human
G4480 Glucagon, human
G4481 Glucagon-Like Peptide I (7-36), amide, human
G4482 Glucagon-Like Peptide I (7-37); GLP-1 (7-37)
G4483 Glucagon-Like Peptide II, human
G4484 Glucagon-Like Peptide II, rat
G4485 [Ala19] Glucagon-Like Peptide II, rat
G5752 Gonadorelin Acetate
G5772 Goserelin Acetate
G6000 gp38
G6368 G-P-R
G6400 G-Q
G6803 Granuliberin R
G6856 Growth Hormone Releasing Factor, Human
G8103 Guanylin, human
G8104 Guanylin, rat, mouse
H0100 HA Peptide
H0207 HBV core protein (128-140)
H1643 Helodermin
H1644 Helodormin
H1645 Helospectin I
H1646 Helospectin II
H1648 Hemorphin-7
H1657 Heparin-Binding Peptide
H1661 HBV Core protein (128-140)
H1662 HER2/neu (654-662) GP2
H1663 HER2/neu (869-877)
H1893 Hexarelin
H3273 Histatin 5
H3277 Histerlin Acetate
H3274 HIV p17 Gag (77-85)
H3275 HIV Integrase Protein Inhibitor(1)
H3276 HIV Protease Substrate
H3278 HIV RT (pol) A2.1 peptide
H2876 H-Trp-Gly-OH
H8048 Human Follicular Gonadotropin Releasing Peptide
H2980 Humanin (human)
I5215 Indolicidin
I5476 Interleukin-6 Receptor (partial)
K0144 Kallikrein Inhibitor
K0172 Kassinin
K0276 Katacalcin
K1650 Kemptide
K1674 Ketolide resistance Peptide MRFF
K2412 K-G-D-S
K3352 Kinetensin
K4401 KL-1
K6864 K-R-Q-H-P-G
K9858 Kyotorphin
L0248 Laminin peptide YIGSR
L0249 Laminin peptide YIGSR-NH2
L0250 Laminin peptide SIKVAV
L0251 Laminin peptide CDPGYIGSR
L1660 Leptin (22-56), human
L1661 Leptin (116-130), mouse
L1980 Leucokinin I
L1981 Leucokinin VIII
L1983 Leucomyosuppresin (lms)
L1881 Leuprolide Acetate Salt
L1882 Leuprorelin Acetate
L1735 Levitide
L3362 β-Lipotropin (61-64)
L3577 Litorin
L8276 LHRH
L2876 LHRH-III, lamprey
L8277 [Gln8] LH-RH, chicken
L8278 LH-RH, salmon
L9875 Lys(Boc)-Leu-Lys(Boc)-Obzl
L9875 Lysipressin Acetate
M0035 M35
M0040 M40
M0124 Magainin 1
M0126 Magainin 2
M0224 MAGE-3 Antigen (271-279), human
M0144 Malantide
M0272 Mas7
M0273 Mas8
M0275 Mas17
M0276 Mast Cell Degranulating Peptide
M0172 Mastoparan
M0173 Mastoparan X
M1646 MCH, human, mouse, rat
M1647 MCH, salmon
M7528 α-Melanocyte stimulating hormone
M7529 β-Melanocyte stimulating hormone
M7530 [Nle4, D-Phe7] α-Melanocyte stimulating hormone
M7531 gamma 1-Melanocyte stimulating hormone
M7532 gamma 3-Melanocyte stimulating hormone
M1649 Melanoma-associated antigen peptide MART-1(27-35), human
M1648 Melanostatin, frog
M1650 Melanotan II
M1744 Melittin (Mellitin)
M2460 MGP-pNA
M3219 MIF-1 Tyr
M3220 Tyr-W-MIF-1
M5675 Motilin, canine
M5776 Motilin, porcine
M9643 Myelin Basic Protein (1-11), human
M9644 Myelin Basic Protein (87-99), guinea pig, human
M9645 Myelin Oligodendrocyte Glycoprotein (35-55), rat
M9646 Myelin Basic Protein (68-82), guinea pig
M9356 Myomodulin
N0160 NAP
N1873 Nesiritide Acetate (BNP-32)
N1977 Neurokinin A (4-10)
N1978 Neurokinin B
N1979 Neuromedin
N1980 Neuromedin B, porcine
N1981 Neuromedin C, porcine GRP (18-27)
N1982 Neuromedin U, rat
N1984 Neuropeptide FF F-8-F-NH2
N1985 Neuropeptide K, porcine
N1983 Neruopeptide Y (3-36), human
N1987 Neuropeptide Y (13-36), human
N1986 Neuropeptide Y, human, rat
N1988 g-Neuropeptide, rabbit
N1989 Neurotensin
N1990 [Gln4] Neurotensin
N1991 [D-Trp11]-Neurotensin
N1992 Neurotensin (1-11)
N1993 Neurotensin (9-13)
N1994 Neurotensin, frog
N1995 Neurotensin, guinea pig
N5210 Nociceptin Orphanin FQ
N5211 Nocistatin
N6020 NPF
N6076 N(p-Tosyl)-GPR-pNA
N7604 NTB (Naltriben)
O0978 Octaneuropeptide
O6132 Opioid receptor antagonist
O7116 Orexin-B, human
O8500 Ovalbumin (257-264) antigen peptide
O8503 OVA (323-339)
O9497 Oxytocin
P0001 P1
P0055 P55-TNFR
P0075 P75-TNFR
P0005 PACAP (1-27), human, ovine, rat
P0006 PACAP (1-38), human, ovine, rat
P0007 PACAP (6-27), human, ovine, rat
P0008 PACAP (6-38), human, ovine, rat
P0009 PACAP 38, frog
P0010 PACAP-Related Peptide, human
P0011 PACAP-Related Peptide, rat
P0350 Pancreatic Polypeptide, avian
P0351 Pancreatic Polypeptide, rat
P0352 Pancreastatin, porcine
P0353 Pancreatic Polypeptide, human
P0260 Papain Inhibitor
P0268 Parasin I
P0269 Parathyroid Hormone (1-34), bovine
P1955 Pentagastrin
P1764 Pep-1
P1765 Peptide Standard 1
P1766 Peptide B, bovine
P1767 Peptide F, bovine
P1760 Peptide T
P1762 Peptide YY, porcine
P1763 Peptide YY, human
P1768 Peptide YY(3-36), PYY, human
P2445 PGLa
P2832 PHI, porcine
P2833 PHI, rat
P2859 Phosphate Acceptor Peptide
P2992 Phyllolitorin
P2993 Phyllomedusin
P2994 Physalaemin
P4403 Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor 1
P4560 PLP (139-151)
P7022 Pressinoic Acid
P7034 Prion Peptide (106-126), human
P6855 Proctolin
P6850 Prolactin-Releasing Peptide (1-31), human
P7628 pTH-Related Protein (1-34), human, rat
P6977 Pyr-Gly-Arg-pNA
Q4370 Q-K-R-P-S-Q-R-S-K-Y-L
R0250 Ranatensin
R0251 Ranatensin R
R1752 Renin Inhibitor Pepide
R2112 RFDS
R2353 P-F-NH2
R2369 RFRP-1, human
R2512 RGD
R2510 RGD-4C
R2511 R-G-D-C
R2513 RGDS
R2514 RGDV
R2516 R-G-E-S
R2599 R-G-Y-S-L-G
R3224 Rigin
R6871 RR-SRC
R6873 R-S-R
S0006 S6-1
S0049 Salmon Calcitonin Acetate
S0200 SAMs Peptide
S0171 Sarafotoxin 6c
S0381 Sauvagine
S1060 SCPA
S1061 SCPB
S1343 Ac-S-D-K-P
S1604 Secretin Acetate
S1605 Secretin, human
S1606 Secretin, porcine
S1607 Secretin, rat
S1843 L-Selectin
S1969 Sermorelin Acetate
S1970 Serum Thymic Factor
S2044 S-F-L-L-R
S3452 Sincalide (CCK-8)
S3585 SIVmac239-1
S3586 SIVmac239-2
S5745 [Tyr1] Somatostatin
S5747 [Tyr11] Somatostatin
S5748 Somatostatin
S5749 Somatostatin-14
S5751 Somatostatin-25
S5750 Somatostatin-28
S5752 Somatostatin-28 (1-12)
S5753 Somatostatin-28 (1-14)
S5754 Somatostatin Acetate
S6019 Speract
S6134 Spinorphin, bovine
S7871 Stresscopin, human
S7872 Stresscopin-Related Peptide, human
S8005 Substance P
S8006 Substance P (1-4)
S8007 Substance P (1-7)
S8008 Substance P (1-9)
S8009 Substance P (7-11)
S8010 [Nle11] Substance P
S8011 [Pro9] Substance P
S8012 [Sar9] Substance P
S8013 [Tyr8] Substance P
S8014 Substance P, Free Acid
S7908 Suc-APA-pNA
S7909 Suc-LEPF-pNA
S7910 Suc-RGPF-pNA
S7911 Suc-SDPF-pNA
S9754 Syntide 2
S9775 Systemin
T0002 T2 Toxin
T0076 TAT
T0077 TAT 2-4
T1675 Teripatartide Acetate
T1673 Terlipressin Acetate
T2970 Thrombin Receptor Agonist
T3093 Thymopentin
T3094 Thymopentin Acetate (TP-5)
T3096 Thymosin α-1
T3097 Thymosin α-1 Acetate
T3098 Thymosin β-4 Acetate
T3099 Thymus Factor
T3100 Thyrotropin-Releasing Hormone (TRH)
T3101 TRH, Free Acid
T7037 Triptorelin Acetate
T7036 Triptorelin, [DTrp6]-LH-RH, Amide
T8020 Tuftsin
T9974 [Asp371] Tyrosinase(369-377), human
U5233 Universal TT epitope P2 (830-844)
U6118 Uperolein
U6854 Urocortin, human
U6855 Urocortin, rat
U6856 Urocortin II, human
U6858 Urocortin II, mouse
U6859 Urocortin III, human
U6860 Urocortin III, mouse
U6857 Urodilatin CCC/ANP-95-126
U6956 Uroguanylin, human
U6957 Urotensin I
U6958 Urotensin II, frog
U6959 Urotensin II, human
V0153 Vanilloid Receptor Subtype 1
V0160 RC-160 (Vapreotide)
V0273 Vasoactive Intestinal peptide
V3360 VIP, guinea pig
V0274 [Lys8] Vasopressin
V0275 [Arg8] Vasotocin
V1872 Vesicular Stomatitis Virus peptide
W4096 W-K-Y-M-V-M-NH2
X1752 Xenin
X1753 Xenopsin
Z0146 Z-Ala-Ala-Leu-pNA
Z1216 Z-D-E-V-D-AMC
Z2268 Z-F-R-AMC
Z6269 Z-Pro-D-Leu

Apoptosis Inhibitors for NeuroscienceCyclopaminePARP Inhibitors

ZonisamideVenlafaxine . HClGSK3 beta Inhibitor TDZD-8 alle Treffer anzeigen (8 INFOS)

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