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Tissue Lysates

Normal human adult tissue lysates.
Tissue Protein Lysates are produced under consistent processing conditions to ensure intact structure and original nature. Total protein is prepared from whole-tissue homogenates and presents a consistent pattern on SDS-PAGE analysis.


  • Electrophoresis, Western Blotting and Immunoprecipitation
  • Enzymatic Activity
  • Protein-DNA Interaction
  • Protein-Protein Interaction
  • Tissue-Specific Expression Identification


  • Total protein is prepared from whole-tissue homogenates, immediately frozen in liquid nitrogen after excision, and then stored at -70°C.

Quality Control:

  • The isolated protein pattern on SDS-PAGE gel is visualized by Coomassie blue staining. The pattern is consistent with each lot.
  • The isolated protein is Western analyzed by either GAPDH or beta-actin antibody, and the expression level is consistent with each lot.

Product Listing

All tissue protein samples are supplied with verified donor age and sex.

T5595-6405 Adipose
T5595-6411 Bladder
T5595-6417 Brain
T5595-6423 Cerebellum (left)
T5595-6425 Cerebellum (right)
T5595-6427 Cerebral Cortex
T5595-6429 Cerebral Meninges
T5595-6435 Frontal Lobe
T5595-6437 Brain, Hippocampus
T5595-6441 Brain, Medulla oblongata
T5595-6443 Brain, Occipital Lobe
T5595-6445 Brain, Olfactory ( region)
T5595-6449 Brain, Parietal Lobe
T5595-6453 Brain, Pons
T5595-6455 Brain, Postcentral Gyrus
T5595-6457 Brain, Precentral Gyrus
T5595-6459 Temporal Lobe
T5595-6461 Thalamus
T5595-6469 Breast
T5595-6471 Cecum
T5595-6473 Colon
T5595-6475 Colon ascending
T5595-6477 Colon descending
T5595-6479 Colon sigmoid
T5595-6481 Colon transverse
T5595-6487 Duodenum
T5595-6491 Esophagus
T5595-6499 Heart
T5595-6523 Heart, Ventricle (left)
T5595-6525 Heart, Ventricle (right)
T5595-6527 Kidney
T5595-6529 Liver
T5595-6531 Liver, Left Lobe
T5595-6533 Liver, Right Lobe
T5595-6535 Lung
T5595-6537 Lung, Left Lower Lobe
T5595-6539 Lung, Left Upper Lobe
T5595-6541 Lung, Right Lower Lobe
T5595-6543 Lung, Right Middle Lobe
T5595-6545 Lung, Right Upper Lobe
T5595-6547 Lung, Trachea
T5595-6483 Diaphragm
T5595-6575 Skeletal Muscle
T5595-6553 Ovary
T5595-6555 Pancreas
T5595-6565 Placenta
T5595-6567 Prostate
T5595-6569 Rectum
T5595-6577 Skin

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