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StressMarq Antibody Trial Program


You are invited to evaluate StressMarq™ Biosciences antibodies!

StressMarq Biosciences Inc. supplies the highest value bioreagents in the stress-related field. The performance of each has been documented and is supported with online data sheets. However, as a new company, StressMarq cannot test each antibody in all applications or species. If the datasheets do not indicate whether a StressMarq antibody is suitable for your application or species, you are invited to use Stressmarqs Trial Program*!

You are only required to pay for shipping!

Antibodies (small special sizes for testing) eligible for this promotion are as follows:

Hsp70 antibody
Clone C92

Catalog # SMC-100

Datasheet SMC-100

Mouse melanoma cells heat shocked and probed with C92

Hsp70/Hsc70 antibody
Clone N27

Catalog # SMC-104

Datasheet SMC-104

Western blot showing Hsp70/Hsc70 bands at 70kDa

Hsp90 Antibody
Clone H9010

Catalog # SMC-107

Datasheet SMC-107

Western blot showing Hsp90 bands at 90kDa

Hsp90alpha antibody
Clone K41009

Catalog # SMC-108

Datasheet SMC-108

Multi-blot format using cell lysate from 12 human cancer cell lines

Hsp90 complex isolation antibody
Clone 8D3

Catalog # SMC-109

Datasheet SMC-109

Hsp90 complex isolation (IP) from rabbit reticulocyte lysate (8D3), SDS-PAGE

PSD95 antibody
Clone 6G6

Catalog # SMC-122

Datasheet SMC-122

IF labelling of PSD95 in cultures of dissociated hippocampal neurons

PSD95 antibody
Clone 7E3

Catalog # SMC-123

Datasheet SMC-123

ICC localization of PSD95 in rat neocortex

CamKII antibody
Clone 6G9

Catalog # SMC-124

Datasheet SMC-124

Co-localization of BAALC 1-6-8 protein with CamKII examined in cultured cotrical neurons

CamKII antibody
Clone 22B1

Catalog # SMC-125

Datasheet SMC-125

WB analysis of CamKII and NFAT phosphorylation in mice ventricles

Hsp90alpha antibody
Clone D7alpha

Catalog # SMC-137

Datasheet SMC-137

Immune isolation of hsp90 complex with D7alpha

LAMP1 antibody
Clone Ly1C6

Catalog # SMC-140

Datasheet SMC-140

IF in transfected HeLa cells

P38 MAPK antibody
Clone 9F12

Catalog # SMC-152

Datasheet SMC-152

Multi-blot using a cell lysate from 12 human cancer cell lines

Nitrotyrosine antibody
Clone 39B6

Catalog # SMC-154

Datasheet SMC-154

Selective binding of mAB 39B6 to Nitrotyrosine residues in rat liver

DNA Damage antibody
Clone 15A3

Catalog # SMC-155

Datasheet SMC-155

Oxidized guanine residues were detected in CP tumors using the 15A3 antibody visualized in brown

Please contact Biomol for more information.

*Limit of 3 antibodies per trial per lab

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