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Detection of Human Cells in Xenografts


You want to identify the human cells in a xenograft? You want to know which cells in the tissue are of human origin and which are not?

You need an antibody that stains human cells and that gives no signal in mouse or rat cells. It would be nice if the nuclei would be stained to make it easy to identify the cells in the tissue.

This kind of antibody is within easy reach: Anti-Human Nuclei 1590-NUC from PhosphoSolution for immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescent staining of human cells in xenografts.

The antibody can be used in a 1:100 dilution with PFA or aceton fixed cells. For FFPE tissue the antibody works better at 1:20.

A figure showing staining of human cells with clone 235-1 in presence of murine cells and staining of all nuclei with DAPI can be found here.

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Anti-Human Antibody for Xenograft Studies

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