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Toll-Like Receptor 10: TLR10 Monoclonal Antibody

TLR10 - monoclonal antibody (clone 3C10C5) and other research tools for TLR10 analysis and screening.

TLR10 also designated as CD290, remains the only mammalian Toll-like Receptor to which ligands have not yet been characterized. However, there is some solid information regarding TLR10.

TLR10 appears to be closely related to TLR1, especially, and TLR6. Like these two TLRs it is thought that TLR10 also forms a heterodimer with TLR2. It also has been shown to heterodimerize with TLR1 (1,2). Clone 3C1035 is expressed on B cells essentially co-presenting with CD19 and also appears on plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells.


Cell surface flow cytometric analysis of TLR10 on human PBMC using 10 ul (1 ug)
of TLR10 antibody and 1 ug of CD19 antibody (IMG-6321D). IMGENEX’s TLR cell surface flow kit (10099K) was used for this test.


1. Hasan, U. et al 2005 J Immunology 174:2942-2950
2. Guan, Y. et al 2010 J Immunology 184:5094-5103

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