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Cell Death: Apoptosis and Cytotoxicity Fluorescent Probe Application Guide


Fluorescent probes that can detect apoptotic cells both in vitro and in vivo.
Download your 16-page 2009 Fluorescent Probe Application Guide (pdf, 1.7 MB).

These probes are cell permeable and do not utilize antibodies:
  • FLIVO™ is an in vivo fluorescent pan-Caspase Inhibitor. It binds selectively and irreversibly to Active Caspases allowing non-invasive imaging of apoptosis in live animals (or in frozen sections). Evaluate the cytotoxic effect of a chemical or disease state on a particular cell type, tissue, or organ. FLIVO has been shown to cross the blood-brain barrier. FLIVO has been used successfully in a wide range of animal models.
  • FLICA™ is optimized for visualizing active individual or pan-Caspases in vitro.
  • Magic Red™ is fluorescently labeled protease substrate for visualization of Caspases 3&7 or Cathepsins in vitro in real time.

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