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Antibodies for Molecular Biology


Biomol offers a wide range of affordable antibodies for detecting tagged proteins often used in molecular biology.
Antigens include beta-galactosidase, chloramphenicol acetyl-transferase (CAT), FLAG tag, GFP, GST, 6xHis-tag, Myc-tag, V5 epitope tag, VSV-G, maltose binding protein (MBP), and luciferase. Many of these antibodies are offered conjugated to fluorescein, Texas Red, biotin, HRP, AP, and agarose or biomagnetic particles.

Please download your fusion proteins and epitope tag antibodies brochure (pdf 1 MB).

See also: Protein MW Markers, Multi-Tagged (His, T7, Myc, HA, VSV-G tags), 10-100kD, Western Blot Control

Epitope Tag Antibody Kit (6xHis, FLAG, GFP, GST)

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