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Secrets of Categories


As user of our search engine you probably have encountered the drop-down menu for selecting a category or "Rubrik". Here you find a description, how our research products are categorized.
Accessory Reagents Tools for all aspects of laboratory work.
Adhesion & Structure Cytoskeleton, extracellular matrix, and cell-outside-interaction as well as proteins relevant intracellular transport and for forming cell structures like vesicles. Here you also find scaffold and adaptor proteins
Agonists & Antagonists Non-endogenous compounds binding to receptors, that are not categorized otherwise.
Amino Acids & Peptides Amino acids, derivatives and some peptides that are not categorized otherwise. Also antibodies for detection of these. Phosphorylated and nitrated amino acids are categerized under Ser/Thr phosphorylation or tyrosine phosphorylation or cellular & oxidative stress.
Angiogenesis Angiogenesis related products, if not categorized otherwise.
Antigen Presentation Mainly MHC-related and related to antigen presentation.
Apoptosis, Cell Cycle, DNA Apoptose and cell cycle related products like caspases and cyclins, p53, but also DNA damage, repair and replication related products.
Bioactive Lipids Mainly bioactive lipids themselves, but also enzymes involved in production and some inhibitors, and antibodies and kits for detection.
Biochemicals "Classical" biochemicals like DTT and other chemical compounds, that are not categorized otherwise, but also antibodies and kits for detection.
Biological Buffers Substances that are usually used for preparing buffers, i. e. buffering the pH of solutions, e. g. the classical Good buffers.
Cellular Stress & Oxidative Stress Heat shock proteins, chaperones, NOS, heme oxygenases, and related proteins, antibodies, kits and compounds.
Cloning & PCR Molecular biology related products like heat-stable polymerases, restriction enzymes, competent cells, ...
Custom Services Services, not off-the-shelf products.
Cyclic Nucleotides Reagents for research on cyclic nucleotides (cAMP, cGMP) like phosphodiesterase inhibitors.
Detergents & Biotensides Detergents, biotensides, amphiphilic biochemicals.
Electrophoresis Substances used for pouring and running gels as well as related products as staining compounds.
Enzyme Inhibitors & Drugs Compounds used for inhibition of enzymatic activity, if not categorized otherwise.
Enzyme(Co)Substrates Substrates if not categorized otherwise. Mainly for standard laboratory protocols.
G-Proteins & Related G-Proteins (heterotrimeric an small ones) and related like GPCRs.
Gene Expression Products for reserach on expression of genes and producing proteins (e. g. ribosome and translation). That is translation machinery, protein biosynthesis, ribosome biogenesis, translation factors and enzymes modifying tRNA or rRNA and some translation control proteins.
Gene Expression Profiling Products for determination of the amount of expression of single or multiple genes. Here you find many focussed arrays that could also be categorized according to their focus (like apoptosis or cell cycle).
Gene Regulation Products for research of aspects of gene regulation, like transcription factors, splicing machinery, histone acetylases and methylases.
Glycobiology Carbohydrates, carbohydrate processing enzymes and cellular surface markers consisting mainly of carbohydrates as well as lectins and antibodies to these.
Immune Modulators Molecules involved in triggering or modulating immune response that cannot be categorized otherwise (like tyrosine phosphorylation or G-proteins and related). Here you find many TLR-related products.
Immunophilins A concise group of products: FKBPs, cyclophilins, cyclosporin, ascomycin, FL-506, rapamycin and related products like prolyl isomerases.
Intracellular Calcium Products involved in modulating and responding to the intracellular calcium concentration (keywords: calmodulin, troponin, ryanodine, SERCA, ...).
Labelling Products for labelling biomolecules (e. g. antibidy conjugation kits).
Ligands & Mediators A large group of products consisting of extracellular molecules able to bind to receptors, like hormones and cytokines.
Lipid Signaling Molecules involved in lipid signalling from phospholipid to PI3 kinase.
Media Media and agar for growth of bacteria, and eukaryotes. Ready mixes and single ingredients.
Metabolism Molecules involved in katabolic and anabolic reactions, like enzymes as well as molecules involved in general regulation of the organisms metabolism.
Microbiology/Virology Research products for studying microbial organisms and viruses.
miRNA products for research on microRNA.
Multi-Analyte Detection Research products, mainly kits, for analysing several analytes simultaneously. Often for use with fluorescent bead readers like Luminex.
Mutation Detection/SNP Detection Kits for easy and economical detection of mutations and for genotyping.
Neuro & Channel Proteins Research products for neuroscience and the study of channel proteins and transporters, also some ligands that play a role in neuroscience are therefore not listed under ligands. Some synaptic proteins can be found in a separate category.
Neuropharmacologics Compounds that are essentialy agonists and antagonists in the neuroscience field.
Nucleotides Nucleotides, derivatives and bases as well as enzymes involved in nucleotide metabolism (and antibodies for detection of them).
Organelle Markers Mainly antibodies that can be used to identify organelles. Many of them are actually listed under "Adhesion & Structure".
Phosphorylation Protein phosphorylation related products that cannot be categorized to Ser/Thr or tyrosine phosphorylation, e. g. dual specificity kinases and phosphatases.
Posttranslational Modification Research products for studying posttranslational modification other than phosphorylation and ubiquitination: myristoylation, palmitoylation, farnesylation, geranylgeranylation, isoprenylation, SUMOylation, NEDDylation, ...
Proteasome and Proteases Research products for studying the proteasome including ubiquitination as well as all sorts of proteases (also MMP, blood clotting cascade), but not caspases and serpases.
Ready to Use Solutions Dissolved biochemicals, ready for use, especially for standard laboratory techniques.
RNA Purification & DNA Purification Products for purification of nucleic acids and related products. Some used together with gene expression profiling kits are listed there.
Secondary Antibodies Antibodies that detect other antibodies. See also the specific secondary antibody search engine.
Ser/Thr Phosphorylation Products for studying protein phosphorylation, more specifically serine phosphorylation and threonine phosphorylation.
Serum and Plasma (Proteins) Research products for studying components of the liquid part of blood, but not the blood clotting cascade (see Proteasome & Proteases).
siRNA/RNAi Research products for gene knockdown and silencing as well as studying the natural siRNA mechanism.
Size Markers & Ladders Molecular weight markers and size ladders.
Stabilization Products for stabilizing biological macromolecules (proteins, nucleic acids), e. g. compatible solutes and protease inhibitors, but also BSA and other albumins.
Synaptic Proteins Research products for studying synapses.
Tissues Tissues, tissue microarrays and products to identify tissues.
Toxicity & Proliferation Research products for determination cell proliferation and cell toxicity.
Transfection Products for transfecting nucleic acids and proteins into cells.
Tyrosine Phosphorylation Products for studying protein phosphorylation, more specifically tyrosine phosphorylation.

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