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IHC Accessory Kit


Bethyl Laboratories Immunohistochemistry Accessory Kit provides the reagents and method for sensitive, reliable and economical immunohistochemical staining.
This Kit is designed for immunostaining formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections with primary antibodies made in rabbit. It contains all the reagent required for the immunostaining procedure and will stain 250 slides. For convenience, the kit includes ready-to-use reagents in dropper bottles and additional dropper bottles for preparation of working solutions from concentrated reagents.

The anti-rabbit IHC antibody improves immunohistochemical applications by reducing the processing time relative to other widely used detection systems. The use of the anti-rabbit IHC antibody results in sensitivity and specificity comparable to or better than commonly used biotin-streptavidin or biotin-avidin detection systems. The anti-rabbit IHC antibody is designed to eliminate the streptavidin or avidin-HRP step required when using biotinylated secondary antibodies. Since there is no biotin in the system, there is no need to block for endogenous biotin.

IHC Accessory Kit Catalog # IHC-101 includes:

Concentrated Epitope Retrieval Buffer-Reduced pH (100 mL) IHC-101A
Ready-to-Use IHC Blocking Solution (60 mL) IHC-101B
Ready-to-Use IHC Antibody Diluent (100 mL) IHC-101C
Concentrated anti-Rabbit IHC Antibody (1.5 mL) IHC-101D
Concentrated Wash Solution (50 mL) IHC-101E
Concentrated DAB Substrate (250 slides) IHC-101F
Ready-to-Use IHC Hematoxylin (60 mL) IHC-101G
Ready-to-Use IHC Bluing Solution (60 mL) IHC-101H

IHC Accessory Kit Manual

IHC Accessory Kit Flyer (pdf)

New from Bethyl: Three sizes of Normal Goat Serum (50 ml, 100 ml, and 250 ml).

Bethyl Antibodies certified for use in IHC and ICC.

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