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HRP-Green Solution Set


HRP-Green Solution Set (2 components):-



The HRP-Green Solution Set is a new chromogen used in immunohistochemical and chromogenic in situ hybridization applications. The HRP-Green Solution Set is supplied as two liquid components, the buffer and the chromogen solution, which are mixed together before use. Stability of the working solution is at least 4 hours at room temperature. In the presence of horseradish peroxidase (HRP) HRP-Green Solution deposits an intense green precipitate. HRP-Green shows an excellent contrast with red alkaline phophatase subtrates. The reaction product is insoluble in alcohols and xylene and, therefore, a variety of counterstains and permanent mounting media can be used with HRP-Green.


The HRP-Green Solution Set provides a two component liquid substrate system that deposits an intense green stain in the presence of HRP.

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Recommended Guidelines For Use

Bring reagents to room temperature before use

  1. After incubation of tissue sections with HRP-labeled antibodies, rinse in an appropriate buffer.
  2. Mix 1 drop (30 µl) of HRP-Green Chromogen per 1 ml of HRP-Green Buffer. To intensify staining, up to 3 drops HRP-Green Chromogen per 1ml of HRP-Green Buffer can be used.
  3. Apply HRP-Green mixture to tissue sections.
  4. Incubate from 2-10 minutes at room temperature.
  5. Rinse tissue, counterstain, dehydrate and coverslip.

Do not exceed incubation times of 30 s per washing and dehydration step. Use only high purity xylene at the end of the dehydration series. In double staining procedures, HRP-Green should be used as the last chromogen. Occasionally HRP-Green Solutions may precipitate, which does not affect staining


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