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DAB Solution Set


Optimized for in situ hybridization (ISH) and immunohistochemical (IHC) procedures refrigerator stable.


DAB (3,3‘-diaminobenzidine) is a widely used chromogen in immunohistochemical and immunoblotting applications. The DAB Solution Set is supplied as two liquid components, the buffer and the refrigerator stable chromogen solution, which are mixed together before use. Stability of the working solution is at least 6 hours at room temperature. In the presence of horseradish peroxidase (HRP) DAB deposits an intense brown precipitate. The reacti-on product is insoluble in al-cohols and xylene and, there-fore, a variety of coun-terstains and permanent mounting media can be used with DAB.


The DAB Solution Set provides a two component liquid substrate system that deposits an intense brown specific stain in the presence of HRP.

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Recommended Guidelines For Use

Bring reagents to room temperature before use

  1. After incubation of tissue sections with HRP-labeled antibodies, rinse in an appropriate buffer.
  2. Mix 1 drop (30 µl) of DAB Chromogen per 1ml of DAB Buffer.
  3. Apply DAB mixture to tissue sections.
  4. Incubate for 5-15 minutes at room temperature.
  5. Rinse tissue, counterstain, dehydrate and coverslip.

Occasionally DAB Chromogen may be hazy. The haziness may be removed by filtering the solution.


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