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Antibodies to Human CD Antigens


Here you find Biomols large selection of Antibodies against human CD Antigens:

The cluster of differentiation (CD) is a protocol used for the identification and investigation of cell surface molecules present on white blood cells. The CD system is commonly used as cell markers, allowing cells to be defined based on what molecules are present on their surface.

Expression (+) or lack of expression(-) of certain CD markers define certain cell populations. Examples:

Type of cell CD markers
stem cells CD34+, CD31-
all leukocyte groups CD45+
Granulocyte CD45+, CD15+
Monocyte CD45+, CD14+
T lymphocyte CD45+, CD3+
T helper cell CD45+,CD3+, CD4+
Cytotoxic T cell CD45+,CD3+, CD8+
B lymphocyte CD45+, CD19+ or CD45+, CD20+
Thrombocyte CD45+, CD61+
Natural killer cell CD16+, CD56+,CD3-

For phenotyping of dendritic cells we recommend Imgenex Dendritic Cell Phenotyping Kits


Ancell Antibodies
Download your Ancell CD Antibody Brochure
(pdf, 4 pages, 1.7 MB).


Stretch your budget with these CD Marker antibodies for human and mouse samples

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