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Image Apoptosis in vivo Non-Invasively


What area of the body is apoptotic?
Researchers can now assess chemotherapy in live animals using ICT’s new FLIVO™ fluorescent in vivo apoptosis detection kits. FLIVO™ is an injectable fluorescent probe used to quantitate caspase activity in live animals. It is a direct stain: once labeled, tissues are ready for analysis and no further processing is necessary. FLIVO™ is very specific. Only active caspase enzymes will covalently bind with the reagent, therefore only cells undergoing apoptosis will fluoresce. This makes FLIVO™ an ideal reagent to assess the efficacy of chemotherapy. FLIVO™ is very easy to use. Just inject it into the animal and let it circulate 30-45 minutes. Dying apoptotic tumor cells fluoresce green or red and can be counter-stained with other reagents (such as DAPI). Please read this pdf for more information..

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