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CD Marker Antibodies for Human and Mouse Samples


Stretch you budget with Imgenex monoclonal CD marker antibodies.

CD Marker Antibodies

For Flow Cytometry, Lymphocyte Phenotyping and Functional Assays

These CD marker antibodies are available for human and mouse samples. Antibodies are conjugated to several different labels (APC, FITC, PE, PerCP-Cy5.5, Alexa), unconjugated or azide-free/low endotoxin.

Here you find the classic clones like OKT3, RPA-T4, RPA-T8, GK1.5, 145-2C11 at best pricing. Here you find almost incredibly low prices for 1 mg sizes. Please ask for bulk offers (5, 10 or more mg)!

Cat # Specificity Format Species Clone Application
IMG-6296A CD2 Purified Human RPA-2.10 FA (Neutralization), Flow (Cell Surface), IHC (frozen), WB
IMG-6296AF488 CD2 Alexa Fluor® 488 Human RPA-2.10 FA (Neutralization), Flow (Cell Surface), IHC (frozen), WB
IMG-6296AF647 CD2 Alexa Fluor® 647 Human RPA-2.10 FA (Neutralization), Flow (Cell Surface), IHC (frozen), WB
IMG-6240A CD3 Purified Human OKT3 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-6240C CD3 FITC Human OKT3 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-6240D CD3 PE Human OKT3 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-6240E CD3 Azide-Free Human OKT3 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-6240G CD3 APC Human OKT3 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-6240H CD3 PerCP-Cy5.5 Human OKT3 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-5916A CD4 (L3T4) Purified Human RPA-T4 FA (Neutralization), Flow (Cell Surface), IHC (cryosections)
IMG-5916C CD4 (L3T4) FITC Human RPA-T4 Flow (Cell Surface), IHC (cryosections)
IMG-5916D CD4 (L3T4) PE Human RPA-T4 Flow (Cell Surface), IHC (cryosections)
IMG-5916G CD4 (L3T4) APC Human RPA-T4 Flow (Cell Surface), IHC (cryosections)
IMG-5917A CD8 Purified Human RPA-T8 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-5917C CD8 FITC Human RPA-T8 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-5917D CD8 PE Human RPA-T8 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-5917G CD8 APC Human RPA-T8 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-6328AF647 CD11b Alexa Fluor® 647 Human 44aacb Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-6328C CD11b FITC Human 44aacb Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-6328D CD11b PE Human 44aacb Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-6350A CD14 Purified Human RPA-M1 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-6350AF647 CD14 Alexa Fluor® 647 Human RPA-M1 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-6350C CD14 FITC Human RPA-M1 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-6350E CD14 Azide-Free Human RPA-M1 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-6321A CD19 Purified Human CB19 Flow (Cell Surface), IF/ICC, IHC (frozen)
IMG-6321AF647 CD19 Alexa Fluor® 647 Human CB19 Flow (Cell Surface), IF/ICC, IHC (frozen)
IMG-6321C CD19 FITC Human CB19 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-6321D CD19 PE Human CB19 Flow (Cell Surface), IF/ICC, IHC (frozen)
IMG-5918A CD25 Purified Human 7G7B6 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-5918C CD25 FITC Human 7G7B6 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-5918D CD25 PE Human 7G7B6 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-5918G CD25 APC Human 7G7B6 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-5918H CD25 PerCP-Cy5.5 Human 7G7B6 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-6295A CD100 Purified Human A8 Flow (Cell Surface), IP
IMG-6295AF488 CD100 Alexa Fluor® 488 Human A8 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-6295AF647 CD100 Alexa Fluor® 647 Human A8 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-5923A CD3 Purified Mouse 145-2C11 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-5923C CD3 FITC Mouse 145-2C11 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-5923D CD3 PE Mouse 145-2C11 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-5923E CD3 Azide-Free Mouse 145-2C11 FA (Activation), FA (Depletion), Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-5923G CD3 APC Mouse 145-2C11 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-5922A CD4 Purified Mouse GK1.5 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-5922C CD4 FITC Mouse GK1.5 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-5922D CD4 PE Mouse GK1.5 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-5922G CD4 APC Mouse GK1.5 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-6292A CD11b Purified Mouse 5C6 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-6292C CD11b FITC Mouse 5C6 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-6292D CD11b PE Mouse 5C6 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-6292G CD11b APC Mouse 5C6 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-6293AF647 CD11c Alexa Fluor® 647 Mouse N418 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-6293C CD11c FITC Mouse N418 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-6293D CD11c PE Mouse N418 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-6294A CD19 Purified Mouse 1D3 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-6294C CD19 FITC Mouse 1D3 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-6294D CD19 PE Mouse 1D3 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-6294G CD19 APC Mouse 1D3 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-5924A CD25 Azide-Free Mouse PC61 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-5924C CD25 FITC Mouse PC61 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-5924D CD25 PE Mouse PC61 Flow (Cell Surface)
IMG-5924G CD25 APC Mouse PC61 Flow (Cell Surface)

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