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Epigenetics and Chromatin Research Tools


Tools for DNA methylation, DNA damage and repair, epigenetics, histone, or transcription factor and regulation research.
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ChIP Assays and Components from IMGENEX: QuikChIP

Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Kits & Reagents

Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) is a powerful method used to identify regions of the genome associated with specific proteins. These associations are crucial for vital cellular functions including gene transcription, DNA replication and recombination, repair, segregation, chromosomal stability, cell cycle progression, and epigenetic silencing. The ChIP assay has been used to study both histones and non-histone proteins, such as transcription factors, within the context of the cell. Transcription factors and other DNA binding proteins have a weaker affinity than histones, which generally are tightly associated within the chromatin complex. To avoid dissociation of non-histone proteins from the chromatin binding site, it is necessary to incorporate a cross-link step such as formaldehyde to cross-link proteins to DNA. After cross-linking occurs, the chromatin are released from the nuclei and sheared into 200-1000bp fragments. The chromatin are then immunoprecipitated with specific antibodies. DNA sequences cross-linked to the protein of interest co-precipitate as part of the chromatin complex. The DNA/ chromatin/antibody complex is then isolated using Protein G agarose. After reverse cross-linking, the associated DNA is released from the complex and is ready for analysis.

The QuikChIP™ difference

Tools for Effective Chromatin Immunoprecipitation
The principle of the ChIP assay is simple: selective enrichment of a chromatin fraction containing a specific antigen. However, the process can be technically challenging. Depending on the protein of interest and starting material, appropriate antibodies may be difficult to come by. Not only must the antibody be able to bind to the protein in its native state, the epitope it recognizes cant be cloaked by the DNA. Beyond the challenge of finding an acceptable antibody, the outcome of your ChIP experiment also depends on the correct formulation of several different reagents and buffers. It is with these technical challenges in mind that IMGENEX developed QuikChIP™ kits and reagents. These products include ready-to-use kits containing critical buffers and inhibitory formulations, ChIP certified antibodies, DNA purification kits, and pre-sheared DNA from cell lysates. Each IMGENEX QuikChIP™ kit or reagent has been carefully developed and tested with ease, simplicity, and quality results in mind.

For faster, more trouble-free results, try our QuikChIP™ Kits and see the difference for yourself!

BenefitsQuikChIP Products

QuikChIP™ Certified Antibodies

The chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) method is a powerful technique to study protein-DNA complexes. The ChIP method allows detection of the interactions between proteins of interest and DNAs with known sequences in vivo. However ChIP requires primary antibodies suitable for immunoprecipitation. These antibodies have an additional requirement in that the epitope recognized by the antibody must be available after binding to DNA. While antibodies useful in immunoprecipitation often work for ChIP, this is not always the case.

A growing number of IMGENEX antibodies have been used in ChIP assays and we are continually testing and validating new products for use in ChIP. Below is a list of our currently available QuikChIP™ Certified Antibodies. Be sure to check back often as we are releasing new antibodies every week!

QuikChip™ Sheared Chromatin

The QuikChIP™ Difference

IMGENEX has developed QuikChIP™ Sheared Chromatin as a time saving, cost effective solution for use with ChIP protocols and Kits. QuikChIP™ Sheared Chromatin is ready-to-use, sheared, and cross-linked chromatin prepared from mammalian cell extracts. Conditions for cell culture, DNA-protein cross-linking, and the sonication shearing process have been optimized for each human and mouse cell type for quality results.

This novel product enables researchers to carry out ChIP assays immediately and in the absence of cell culture facilities or sonication equipment. It is also useful as a sheared, cross-linked chromatin positive control, along side the researcher’s own cell extracts.

For faster, more trouble-free results, try our QuikChIP™ Kits and see the difference for yourself! Right now, get a free ChIPClip chip clip (try saying that three times!) with every qualifying order! The ChIPClip chip clip may not make your assay work better, but with its handy magnet backing its perfect for keeping important documents nearby.

Each vial contains optimally sheared (200-1000 bp) and cross-linked chromatin from 5 X 10^6 cells, sufficient for 5 QuikChIP™ assays.


Imgenex Antibodies for Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP)

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