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Toll-like Receptor (TLR) Agonists and Ligands


Stimulate your TLR research.
Toll-like Receptor (TLR) agonists are key research tools for elucidating downstream signaling events associated with pathogen identification and subsequent immuno-modulatory activity. IMGENEX now offers a growing suite of Toll-like Receptor ligands to complement its portfolio of validated antibodies, peptide inhibitors, and tissue lysates. Pair with one of Imgenex peptide inhibitors, or NF-kB p65 ActivELISA Assay to measure activation!

Toll-like Receptor Ligands

Pam3CSK4 TLR1 and TLR2 Ligand IMG-2201 0.025/0.1 mg
Poly(I).Poly(C) TLR3 Ligand IMG-2203. 1/10/50 mg
LPS from E. Coli TLR4 Ligand IMG-2204 0.05/1 mg
Flagellin, Recombinant TLR5 Ligand IMG-2205 0.01 mg
MALP-2 TLR6/TLR2 Ligand IMG-2206 2.0 µg
Imiquimod TLR7 Ligand IMG-2207 0.125/1/5 mg
Imidazoquinoline Resiquimod (R-848) TLR8 ligand IMG-2208 0.5 mg
CpG ODN (2006) plus negative control oligo human TLR9 Ligand IMG-2209Hpt 0.1 mg
CpG ODN 1668 and negative control oligo Mouse TLR9 ligand IMG-2209M 0.1 mg

TLR Product Citations
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