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In Search of Putative FOXP3+ Cell Surface Markers


Neuropilin-1 (NRP-1), Folate Receptor4 (FR4), and GPR83.
Despite intense interest and scrutiny focused on FOXP3 as a key protein & master transcription factor, isolating and enriching for viable FOXP3 positive cells remains a challenge. Although cell separation/staining via CD4+CD25+ selection is commonly used, this technique has limited applications. Thus, surface markers specific for FOXP3 positive cells would be invaluable research tools as they would:
As the search for putative FOXP3+ markers continue, Neuropilin-1, GPR83, & FR4 have emerged as potential candidates. IMGENEX is excited to offer a panel of flow cytometric characterized antibodies against:

These antibodies are available in multiple sizes and conjugates. Select a link above to learn more about these products!

Flow Analysis Reagents

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