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Easy Protein Expression Screening with INSTA-Blots


Do you like to prepare several cell and tissue lysates and load a gel, to screen for the expression of your protein?
IMGENEX INSTA-Blots™ are ready-to-use membranes, which provide a simple and cost-effective solution for screening the expression of a particular protein in different tissues and cells with various treatments.

INSTA-Blot™ ready-to-use membranes eliminate the hassle associated with preparing lysates, loading, running, and transferring to a PVDF membrane. All membranes are quality controlled to minimize variability and assure proper transfer (INSTA-Blot™ protocol). IMGENEX also offers tissue and cell lysates from various mouse, human rat and monkey organs (View lysates).

The following INSTA-Blots™ are available:

Cat.No Description
IMB-124 INSTA-Blot™ Human Brain Tissue
IMB-105 INSTA-Blot™ Human Cell Line Blot
IMB-103 INSTA-Blot™ Human Tissue (20 µg/lane)
IMB-103-50 INSTA-Blot™ Human Tissue (50 µg/lane)
IMB-125 INSTA-Blot™ Mouse Brain Tissue
IMB-101 INSTA-Blot™ Mouse Tissue (20 µg/lane)
IMB-101-50 INSTA-Blot™ Mouse Tissue (50 µg/lane)
IMB-120 INSTA-Blot™ Multi-species Brain, Testis and Ovary Tissue Blot
IMB-122 INSTA-Blot™ Multi-species Liver, Lung, and Spleen Tissue
IMB-121 INSTA-Blot™ Multi-species Skeletal Muscle, Heart and Kidney Tissue Blot
IMB-123 INSTA-Blot™ Multi-species Stomach, Small Intestine and Pancreas Tissue Blot
IMB-126 INSTA-Blot™ Rat Brain Tissue
IMB-102 INSTA-Blot™ Rat Tissue

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