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Ready-to-Use Clinically Defined Tissue Lysates


The existing body of scientific literature has been primarily defined with data from tumor, immortal, and primary cells growing in vitro.
Collectively, results obtained over decades have been integral to the dogma that up- and down-regulation of proteins can be leveraged as biomarkers of normal development, homeostasis, and disease. However, in contrast to tissues, which are composed of multiple cell types, cell lines growing in culture consist (theoretically) of clonal populations. Thus, validating findings made in cell lines using tissue lysates is key for Biomarker discovery.
IMGENEX offers comprehensive collections of ready-to-use human tissue lysates. These matched tumor and normal adjacent lysates are derived from pathology-defined clinical specimens collected under IRB and HIPAA approved protocols from hospitals around the world.

Features and Applications

Tumor tissue specimens are cut and processed using precisely defined protocols to maximize selection of living tumor tissue while avoiding necrotic and normal tissue. Normal adjacent specimens are cut from tissue distal to the tumor, an area grossly free of tumor. All protocols used are IRB & HIPAA approved.

Available Clinical Tissue Lysates

New: OncoPair INSTA-Blots™ and Clinical Lysates for Cancer Analysis

IMGENEX offers the widest variety of validated antibodies and reagents for studying Cancer and other disease states where proteomic screening analysis is utilized and taken to the next level.

Western Blot analysis using lysates from diseased and normal-adjacent tissue is an invaluable tool for studying biomarkers in diseased vs normal state tissue. Cancer is a complex disease state itself in which multiple markers and their ratios are believed to provide a better indication of disease state than single markers. Let OncoPair INSTA-Blots™ accelerate your study of potential Cancer biomarkers.

IMGENEX introduces our new OncoPair ready-to-use Western Blot Membranes for studies of potential Cancer Biomarkers. Each membrane contains 7 paired sets of normal and disease tissue lysates including Colon Cancer, Lung Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, and Breast Cancer.

OncoPair INSTA-Blots™ Product Listing

IMB-127a Male Lung Tissue OncoPair INSTA-Blot™
IMB-128a Female Lung Tissue OncoPair INSTA-Blot™
IMB-129a Ovary Tissue OncoPair INSTA-Blot™
IMB-130a Breast Tissue OncoPair INSTA-Blot™
IMB-131a Colon Tissue OncoPair INSTA-Blot™

Complete List of Human Clinical Tissue Derivatives

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