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TLR7 and Dectin-2 Monoclonal Antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies to TLR7 (Clone IMG4G6) and Dectin-2 (Clone IMG3D1) for studying innate immune receptors, anti-viral responses and inflammatory signaling.



TLR7, along with TLR3, 8 and 9 form a group of TLRs found in endosomes in the basal state. The endosomal TLRs can mature into active forms upon ligand stimulation. The TLR7 specific monoclonal antibody clone IMG4G6 is among the first monoclonals available for TLR7 and is a unique and new tool to understand TLR7 mechanism of action and activities. TLR7 binds synthetic ligands such as Imiquimod and Loxoribine which are used as antiviral compounds. TLR7 also binds ssRNA from viruses. Because of these properties TLR7 is a strong candidate and an intense focus for development of antiviral or immunomodulatory compounds as drugs especially when targeted to dendritic cells in vaccine development.

TLR7 Monoclonal Antibody (Cat. No. IMG-6675D)

Intracellular flow cytometric analysis of TLR7 in 10^6 human BDCM cells using 10 µl (0.5 µg) of IMG-6675D (red) and 0.5 µg of mouse IgG1 isotype control (green, 20106).

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Dectin-2 is a C-Lectin superfamily member and a Pattern Recognition Receptor which binds fungi - similar to Dectin-1. Additionally Dectin-2 also utilizes the Syk-CARD9-NF-kB signaling pathway. Dectin-2 appears to be expressed at low levels on peripheral blood monocytes but is upregulated on monocytes at inflammatory sites indicating it is an activation marker. Dectin-2 specific monoclonal antibody clone IMG3D1 provides greater insight into the expression and role of Dectin-2 especially in the activation of Th17 cells. Blockade of Dectin-2 leads to inhibition of T cell production of IL-17 and a decreased Th1 response in Candida albicans models of infection in mice. IL-17A deficient mice are highly susceptible to Candida infection. Yeast and fungal hyphae induce Th17 cell differentiation and in the absence of normal Dectin-2 function, at least in mice, yeast infections are prevalent, it appears that Dectin-2 is instrumental in the induction of Th17 responses to C. albicans and fungal infections.

Dectin-2 Monoclonal Antibody (Cat. No. IMG-6682AF647)

Cell surface flow cytometric analysis of Dectin-2 expression by 5x10^5 human peripheral blood monocytes using 10 ul (0.25 ug) of IMG-6350D (anti-CD14), 10 ul (0.5 ug) of IMG-6682AF647 (anti-Dectin-2) and 0.5 ug of isotype control. IMGENEX’s cell surface flow kit (10084K) was used for this test.



TLR7 and Dectin-2 specific monoclonal antibodies enable development of assays, read-out systems and potential target development for Western Blot, Flow Cytometry or IHC applications.

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