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New MyD88 Monoclonal Antibody Clone 4D6


This monoclonal antibody to MyD88 is ideal for studying TLR, IL-1 and IFNγ signaling.
MyD88 is a major adaptor molecule involved in TLR, IL-1 and IFNγ signaling pathways. Cell activation through TLRs leads to MyD88 mediation of NF-κB as well as Erk, Jnk and p38 signaling pathways involved in inflammatory mediator gene transcription. IFNγ activation of MyD88 leads to p38 activation and downstream regulation of TNF and IP-10 transcripts.

The MyD88 specific monoclonal antibody (4D6), along with our other adaptor molecule reagents specific to TRIF, TIRAP, SARM and TRAM, enable development of assays, read-out systems and potential target development for cell signaling, control especially for Western Blot, Flow Cytometry or IHC applications.

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MyD88 monoclonal antibody clone 4D6
Purified: IMG-6625
Alexa Fluor 488 conjugated: IMG-6625AF488

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