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Th17, Immunoregulatory T Cell Markers & Dendritic Cell/T Cell Activation Pathways


IMGENEX Corporation is rapidly expanding its leading portfolio in studying key immunoregulatory molecules in the DC and T cell network.
IMGENEX offers the most in depth expertise and reagent tool-sets for studying "Bridging Innate and Adaptive Immunity" and Inflammation.

Key/New Antibodies for studying T cells and T cell subsets and their regulatory pathways include:

GARP Antibody IMG-6354 (WB)
GARP Antibody IMG-6477 (IHC)
ROR? Antibody IMG-6275
IL-17A Antibody IMG-6580
IL-17B/E Receptor Antibody IMG-345A
IL-17E Antibody IMG-6624A
IL-17F Antibody IMG-6578 (WB)
IL-17F Antibody IMG-6579 (IHC, WB)
IL-23 Receptor Antibody IMG-5092A
IL-33 Antibody IMG-6016
ST2V (IL-33 Receptor) Antibody IMG-6131

Key/New Selected Recombinant Proteins

hIL-17A IMR-295
hIL-17E IMR-298
hIL-21 IMR-296
hIL-27/p28 IMR-299
hIL-33 IMR-297

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