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Human Proteins from Human Cells: Authentic Proteins - Better Results


Humanzymes human cell expression system provides cost-effective and scalable production of high-authenticity recombinant human proteins.
Functional activities of human proteins depend on proper folding, phosphorylation, disulfide bridge formation, and proteolytic processing or appropriate glycosylation. Ideally, recombinant human proteins are produced in human cells that are more authentic in terms of both physical properties and biochemical functions. However, the current process of human cell expression requires a large quantity of DNA and medium supplemented with bovine serum. Hence, it is often a daunting task to produce sufficient amount of high quality proteins for drug discovery or diagnostic development (1-100 mg) at acceptable cost. HumanZyme has developed a high yield, cost-effective and versatile system to produce active recombinant human proteins in a human cell line to meet the special needs of the broad scientific community and drug discovery industry.  In this system, we have broken key bottleneck steps to increase protein production and reduce cost, including:

Using this expression system, Humanzyme have produced a large number of highly active human cytokines. Humanzymes technology is particularly suitable for the production of high-authenticity human proteins in medium scale as research and diagnostic reagents, drug screening targets, and therapeutic proteins for preclinical evaluation.  Key differences of recombinant human protein production in different systems are illustrated below:

Expression system E. coli Insect cell CHO cell Human cell
Protein folding + ++ +++ ++++
Phosphorylation   ++ +++ ++++
Proteolytic processing   + +++ ++++
Glycosylation - Poor Not human-like Authentic

Authentic Human Cytokines

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