Please note: Only statements in the datasheet are relevant for Biomol's Guarantee. Adjustment made in the datasheet are reproduced in the search database only with some lag time. Please, always check the datasheet! The datasheet contains the relevant information, e. g. on applicability or species reactivity.

You find a list of products applications, some abbreviations are used besides key words:

ChIP = Chromatin Immunoprecipitation
DB = Dot blot
DD = Double Diffusion (Ouchterlony)
EIA = Enzyme Immuno Assay
ELISA = Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay
EMSA = Electro Mobility Shift Assay Supershift
FA = Functional Assay
FACS = Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting
FC = Flow Cytometry
FLISA = Fluorescence ELISA
FP = Fluorescence Polarization
FWB = Fluorescence Western Blot
GS = Gelshift (see EMSA)
IC = Immunochemistry
ICC = Immunocytochemistry
IEM = Immuno Electron Microscopy
IEP = Immunoelectrophoresis
IF = Immunofluorescence
IHC = Immunhistochemistry
IP = Immunoprecipitation
IP-KA = Kinase assay on IP
ISH = in situ Hybridization
KA = Kinase Assay
MeDIP = Methylated DNA Immunoprecipitation
Neutr = Neutralization
PAGE = Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis
PCR = Polymerase Chain Reaction
PLA = Proximity Ligation Assay
RT-PCR = Reverse Transcriptase PCR
RIA = Radio Immuno Assay
WB = Western Blot

You can search the database for for these applications. This is most useful for abbreviations listed in bold.

You find species reaktivitity of antibodies given in english words:

human: homo sapiens,
mouse: mus musculus
rat: rattus norvegicus
swine: sus domestica

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