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MCM Complex Antibodies


The cell has evolved a strict and highly orchestrated mechanism for assuring that DNA replication is executed faithfully and only once in a cell cycle.
This mechanism involves a complex interplay between a multitude of cell cycle regulators and DNA binding complexes that cooperate to ensure genomic stability. The MCM complex is one of several critical elements that play a role in this process. It is a hetero-hexameric complex composed of MCM 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 and functions as a replicative helicase. The MCM2 complex is an integral component of the pre-replicative complex (pre-RC) and is recruited to origins of replication by the origin recognition complex (ORC), cdt1, and cdc6 in the late M and G1 phases. Phosphorylation of the MCM complex components is central to its regulation and is under the control of the Cdk1, Cdk2, and Cdc7 (DDK7) serine threonine kinases. Phosphorylation of the pre-RC components by the Cdks and Cdc7 activates the loading of Cdc45 and the GINS complex, initiates replication, and inhibits the re-firing of the origins in S and M phases.
Cdc7 has been found to be required for the initiation of DNA replication, and the phosphorylation of Ser 40 and Ser-53 of MCM2 appear to be highly dependent on Cdc7 kinase activity. In light of the pivotal roles that Cdc7 and the MCM complex play in replication licensing and initiation, as well as the observation that they may play key roles in tumorigenesis, inhibitors of Cdc7 and MCM activity are actively being investigated as chemotherapeutic agents for the treatment of cancer.

MCM Antibodies

Bethyl Laboratories portfolio of antibodies to the MCM Complex is comprised of antibodies to eight family members, including MCM2, Phospho MCM2 (S27), Phospho MCM2 (S40/S41), Phospho MCM2 (S41), Phospho MCM2 (S53), Phospho MCM2 (S108), MCM3, MCM4, MCM5, MCM6, MCM7, MCM8, and MCM10.

Pathway Information

DNA Replication Cell Cycle

Biomol's Complete Line of MCM Antibodies

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