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Antibodies to WD-Repeat Proteins


The WD-repeat family of proteins is a large family of proteins whose members are structurally homologous but functionally diverse.
The WD-repeat motif is defined by four or more repeating units of a conserved core of 40-60 amino acids that begins with a glycine-histidine (GH) dipeptide and ends with a tryptophan-aspartic acid (WD) dipeptide. Regions within the WD-repeat exhibit sequence heterogeneity and are likely responsible for imparting their functional diversity. WD-repeat-containing proteins perform in a spectrum of cellular activities which includes RNA processing, signal transduction, transcription, vesicular trafficking, cytoskeletal assembly, chromatin assembly, and various aspects of cell division. It is also a seven times repeated part of beta subunits of GPCRs.

The crystal structure of the beta subunit of the heterotrimeric G-protein has been resolved and has provided a structural characterization of the WD-repeat. Each of the seven repeats of the G-protein beta subunit folds into small antiparallel beta-sheets that radiate from a central pseudo-symmetrical axis to form a beta propeller structure. The surfaces formed by the beta propeller structure are proposed to function as a scaffold capable of coordinating reversible protein-protein interactions.

Protein-protein interactions provide a source of complexity for the multitude of physiological processes that must be executed by eukaryotes for development and for the maintenance of homeostasis. Through their conserved beta propeller structure, WD-repeat-containing proteins contribute to this source of complexity and have thus established themselves as a critical subject of study.

Bethyl Laboratories Portfolio of Antibodies to members of the WD-repeat Family

APC4 Antibodies
BOP1 Antibodies
Bub3 Antibodies
CAF-1 p60 Antibodies
CDC20 Antibodies
COP1/RFWD2 Antibodies
Coronin 1 Antibodies
Coronin 2 Antibodies
CSTF50 Antibodies
DMWD Antibodies
DTL/CDT2 Antibodies
EIF3S9/eIF3B Antibodies
EML4 Antibodies
FBW7 Antibodies
GbetaL Antibodies
Gemin5 Antibodies
GRWD1/WDR28 Antibodies
GTF3C2/TFIIIC110 Antibodies
HERC1 Antibodies
LIS-1 Antibodies
LRWD1 Antibodies
NRIP Antibodies
NUP214 Antibodies
PIP1/WDR84 Antibodies
PLRG1 Antibodies
PPP2R2B Antibodies
PRP19/PSO4 Antibodies
RACK1 Antibodies
Raptor Antibodies
RbBP4 Antibodies
RbBP5 Antibodies
RBBP7 Antibodies
RCD8 Antibodies
RFWD3 Antibodies
SEC31A Antibodies
TBLR1 Antibodies
TRIM3/BERP Antibodies
UTP18/WDR50 Antibodies
VprBP Antibodies
WDHD1/AND-1 Antibodies
WDR3 Antibodies
WDR4 Antibodies
WDR5 Antibodies
WDR26 Antibodies
WDR33 Antibodies
WDR42A Antibodies
WDR43 Antibodies
WDR44 Antibodies
WDR46 Antibodies
WDR62 Antibodies
WDR77/MEP50 Antibodies
WDR79 Antibodies
WDR91 Antibodies
ZFP106 Antibodies

You find many of these this and more info in this WD Repeat Family of Proteins two page pdf document (122 kB).

Meanwhile there have been some additions to this product line meanwhile, click here for the newest list of WDR antibodies and control peptides.

In the Science issue of January 30th, 2009 Venteicher et al. identified WDR79 to be instrumental to the localization of telomerase to Cajal bodies as well as its delivery to the telomeres during S-phase. There had been three known essential components of the active telomerase holoenzyme: dyskerin, TERT (telomerase RT), and TERC (telomerase RNA component). Venteicher and his colleagues definitively report that in search of proteins that interact with dyskerin, they have discovered a fourth component critical to the activity of the telomerase holoenzyme: WDR79 or TCAB1 (Telomerase-Cajal-Body-Protein-1) as they named it.

Bethyl Antibody Listing

Antibodies from the Bethyl RanchPolyclonal Antibodies Validated for IHC and ICCAntibodies Relevant for Ubiquitin Research

Immunoglobulin Class/Fc Specific Secondary AntibodiesF(ab')2 Fragment AntibodiesAntibodies to Proteins in the Anaphase-Promoting Complex/Cyclosome alle Treffer anzeigen (58 INFOS)

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