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Antibodies to DExD/H Proteins


The DEAH-box, DEAD-box, and DExH-box families are collectively referred to as the DExD/H family of proteins.
DExD/H proteins are multifunctional proteins that play important roles in virtually all aspects of RNA metabolism such as RNA synthesis, processing, export, translation, turnover, and the remodeling of ribonucleo-protein (RNP) complexes. DExD/H proteins act principally as ATP-dependent helicases that function to unwind RNA structures. They have also been reported to play an important role in transcription; however this particular function, as well as the function of RNP remodeling, appears to be independent of their helicase activity. Although similar in structure within the helicase core, a considerable divergence exists in the flanking domains of the DExD/H proteins. This divergence likely contributes to their multifunctional capabilities as well as their specificity towards RNA substrates. The discovery that DExD/H proteins play a role in transcription and interact with the transcriptional machinery suggests a complex role involved in coupling the processes of transcription and RNA processing. Due to their complexity, the human DExD/H family of proteins is clearly emerging as an exciting area of research, and much work remains to be done to elucidate the specific roles and regulation of the more than 70 members of this protein family.

Bethyl Laboratories’ Current Portfolio of DEXD/H Antibodies

DDX1 Antibody (WB, IHC, IP)
DDX3 Antibody (WB, IP)
DDX5 Antibody (WB, IHC, IP)
DDX6 Antibody (WB, IP)
DDX10 Antibody (WB, IP)
DDX17 Antibody (WB, IHC, IP)
DDX18 Antibody (WB, IP)
DDX19 Antibody (WB, IP)
DDX20 Antibody (WB, IP)
DDX21 Antibody (WB, IHC, IP)
DDX23 Antibody (WB, IP)
DDX24 Antibody (WB, IHC, IP)
DDX26/DICE1 Antibody (WB)
DDX27 Antibody (WB, IP) - NEW!
DDX28 Antibody (WB, IP)
DDX31 Antibody (WB, IP)
DDX41 Antibody (WB, IP)
DDX43 Antibody (WB, IP) - NEW!
DDX46 Antibody (WB, IHC, IP)
DDX47 Antibody (WB, IP)
DDX50 Antibody (WB)
DDX51 Antibody (WB, IP)
DDX54 Antibody (WB, IP)
DDX56 Antibody (WB, IP)
DHX8 Antibody (WB, IHC, IP)
DHX9 Antibody (WB, IHC, IP)
DHX15 Antibody (WB, IP)
DHX16 Antibody (WB, IP)
DHX29 Antibody (WB, IP)
DHX30 Antibody (WB, IP) – NEW!
DHX33 Antibody (WB, IP)
DHX36 Antibody (WB, IP)
DHX37 Antibody (WB, IP)
DHX38 Antibody (WB, IHC, IP)
DHX57 Antibody (WB, IP) – NEW!


Antibodies to DExD/H Proteins (Flyer with exemplary WB and IHC data, pdf)

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