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Antibodies to Jumonji Proteins


Histone methylation is a reversible posttranslational modification.
It modulates chromatin structure for the regulation of transcriptional and cellular epigenetic status. The modification of histones is critical to the developmental process, and accumulating evidence suggests that aberrant regulation of histone methylation is involved in tumorigenesis (1). The dynamic process of histone methylation occurs on histone lysine and arginine residues. The demethylation of histone lysines is catalyzed by at least two protein families:According to sequence similarity, the JmjC family can be divided into seven subfamilies which include:In addition to the JmjC-domain, JmjC family members also bear a variety of other structural domains such as ARID, PHD-finger, and zinc-finger domains supporting their role in DNA and chromatin binding for the regulation of transcription(1).

Selected References
1. T. Takeuchi et al., "Roles of Jumonji and Jumonji Family Genes in Chromatin Regulation and Development," Dev.Dyn. 235, no. 9 (2006): 2449-2459.
2. X. Tian and J. Fang, "Current Perspectives on Histone Demethylases," Acta Biochim.Biophys.Sin.(Shanghai). 39, no. 2 (2007): 81-88.

Bethyl Laboratories Portfolio of Antibodies to Jumonji Proteins

JARID1A Antibodies
JARID1B Antibodies
JARID1C Antibodies
JARID1D Antibodies
JHDM1A Antibodies
JHDM1F/PHF8 Antibodies
JMJD1A Antibodies
JMJD1B Antibodies
JMJD1C Antibodies
JMJD2A Antibodies
JMJD2B Antibodies
JMJD2C Antibodies

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