With ANTIBODYWORLD you find the antibody that fits your research needs.

How to find your antibody?
You find your antibody by typing the specifications of interest into the search fields in the table heading.
All specifications made are logically linked by AND. Then type "search".


NAME/ANTIGEN (Part of) antigen (e. g. tyrosine). Greek letters are written as words (e. g. theta). Blanks denote "AND".
CLONE Clone number of a monoclonal antibody.
HOST Pulldown menu for selection of the antibody producing species.
TYPE Pulldown menu having the options Pab for polyclonal, Mab for monoclonal and Mix for mixed antibodies.
ISOTYPE Details of the  preferred isotype (e. g. IgG2b or kappa).
SPECIES REACT. Preferred Species reactivity in english (e. g. mouse). Blanks denote "AND".
FORMAT Preferred formate in english (e. g. purified, serum, supernatant, ascites).
APPL. Overview icon starBlanks denote "AND".
SUPPLIER Pulldown menu for restricting the search to products of a single supplier.
CAT# Catalog number.
SIZE Size without units (e. g. "1", but not "1 ml"). Units are listed, but not looked up.


CategoryChoose an area of research.
ModificationPulldown menu for finding modification state specific antibodies (phospho-, acetyl-, or methyl-specific).