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Anti-TGFb1, clone 7F6

ART NR.: Pro-30383 (100 µg)

Hersteller: ProMab


Anwendungen: WB, IHC, FC, ELISA

Format: purified

Klon: 7F6

Wirt: Mouse

Isotyp: IgG1

Reaktivität: human

Immunogen: Purified recombinant fragment of human TGFb1 (AA: 62-195) expressed in E. coli.

Lagerung: -20°C

Versand: +4°C

UniProt ID: P01137 | Suche mit UniProt ID

Gene ID: Gene ID 7040 | Suche mit Gene ID

KEGG ID: K13375 | Suche mit KEGG ID

Schlagworte: Anti-TGFB, Anti-TGFB1


100 µg

315 €

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Bemerkungen: Purified antibody in PBS with 0.05% sodium azide and 0.5% protein stabilizer. Protein function: Multifunctional protein that controls proliferation, differentiation and other functions in many cell types. Many cells synthesize TGFB1 and have specific receptors for it. It positively and negatively regulates many other growth factors. It plays an important role in bone remodeling as it is a potent stimulator of osteoblastic bone formation, causing chemotaxis, proliferation and differentiation in committed osteoblasts. [The UniProt Consortium]

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