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ART NR.: A300-293A (100 µl)

Hersteller: Bethyl


Anwendungen: WB, IP

Format: antigen affinity purified

Wirt: Rabbit

Isotyp: IgG

Reaktivität: human (expected: rat, bovine, dog, rabbit, swine, panda, orangutan, rhesus monkey, gorilla, chimpanzee, duckbill platypus, tasmanian devil, white-tufted-ear marmoset, african elephant, chinese hamster, northern white-cheeked gibbon)

Immunogen: synthetic peptide. The epitope recognized by A300-293A maps to a region between residues 400 and 450 of human fusion (involved in t(12,16) in malignant liposarcoma) using the numbering given in SwissProt entry P35637 (GeneID 2521).

Lagerung: +4°C

Versand: +4°C

UniProt ID: P35637 | Suche mit UniProt ID

KEGG ID: K13098 | Suche mit KEGG ID

Schlagworte: Anti-FUS, Anti-Fusion (involved in t(12,16) in malignant liposarcoma), Anti-TLS, Anti-Translocated in liposarcoma protein, Anti-Pigpen, Anti-POMp75.


100 µl

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Bemerkungen: FUS has been identified as a frequent translocation fusion partner of various transcription factors. FUS fusion genes have been shown to be associated with multiple tumor types which include liposarcoma, leukemia, histocytoma, and sarcoma. FUS is a multifunctional RNA-binding protein that associates with the nuclear matrix and Cajal bodies and appears to play a role in splicesome assembly, pre-mRNA splicing, DNA repair, transcriptional regulation and homologous recombination. Alternate names for FUS include RNA-binding protein FUS, oncogene FUS, oncogene TLS, translocated in liposarcomas, TLS, 75 kDa DNA-pairing protein, POMp75, CHOP, FUS-CHOP, TLS/CHOP, and hnRNP-P2.

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