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ART NR.: A300-366A (100 µl / 100 µg)

Hersteller: Bethyl


Anwendungen: WB

Format: antigen affinity purified

Wirt: Rabbit

Isotyp: IgG

Reaktivität: human (expected: dog, horse, guinea pig, swine, orangutan, rhesus monkey, gorilla, white-tufted-ear marmoset, crab-eating macaque, small-eared galago)

Immunogen: synthetic peptide. The epitope recognized by A300-366A maps to a region between residue 300 and the C-terminus (residue 328) of human Bub3 using the numbering given in Swiss-Prot entry O43684 (GeneID 9184).

Lagerung: +4°C

Versand: +4°C

UniProt ID: O43684 | Suche mit UniProt ID

KEGG ID: K02180 | Suche mit KEGG ID

Schlagworte: Anti-Bub3, Anti-Bub-3, Anti-Bub3L, Anti-Budding uninhibited by benzimidazoles 3, Anti-HGNC:1151.


100 µl (100 µg)

393 €

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Bemerkungen: Bub3 is an adaptor protein and component of the spindle checkpoint machinery. Bub3 and other spindle checkpoint proteins ensure that segregation does not proceed until all replicated chromatids are associated with a functional bipolar spindle. Bub3 forms a constitutive complex with Bub1. Bub3 has been demonstrated to also function as a transcriptional repressor in association with Cdc20 and histone deacetylases. Bub3 is also known as mitotic checkpoint protein BUB3, BUB3, hBUB3, and BUB3L.

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