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Ancell: Immunology Research Products


Ancell works since 1992 to produce high quality immunology research tools.
Ancell lives and breathes the idea of doing the best lab work possible to produce a rich grouping of products. Most prominent is a large range of superior CD antigen antibodies for flow cytometry with several type of conjugations:
This CD antibodies are accompanied with a range of isotype controls and CD fusion proteins and FITC or PE conjugated streptavidin for binding studies.

Human Lineage Mix (HLM), FITC conjugated
Human Lineage Mix is comprised of 7 FITC conjugated antibodies designed for use in flow cytometry to simultaneously stain all cells expressing any of these antigens: CD2, CD3, CD14, CD16, CD19, CD56, CD235

Ancell Antibodies
Download your Ancell Antibody Brochure
(pdf, 4 pages, 1.7 MB).

Antibodies to CD Antigens

Ancell Antibodies

CD Antigen Fusion ProteinsIsotype ControlsAncell Protocols

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